Remember May 21st
May 17, 2009, 10:26 pm
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MAY21On May 21st 1987, 22 young social workers, lawyers, businessmen, theatre practitioners and other professionals were detained without trial under the internal security law and accused of “being members of a dangerous Marxist conspiracy bent on subverting the PAP ruled government by force, and replacing it with a Marxist state.” A second wave of arrests took place on June 20th the same year.

The detainees were forced to make false confessions by the way of mental and physical torture. They were subjected to harsh and intensive interrogations, deprived of sleep and rest, some for as long as 70 hours in freezing cold rooms. All of them were stripped of their personal clothings, including spectacles, footwear and underwear and were made to change into prisoners’ uniforms.

Most of them were made to stand during interrogation for over 20 hours and under full blasts of air conditioning turned to the lowest temperature. Under those conditions, one of them was repeatedly doused with cold water. Most were hit in the face while others were assaulted on other parts of the body. Threats of indefinite detention without trial were also made to them should they continue to deny the intentions that they have been accused to harbour.

They were then compelled to appear on TV with their confessions and were told that their release would be dependent on their performance on TV.

On 21st May 2009, which marks the 22nd anniversary of ‘Operation Spectrum’, a group of concerned Singaporeans will be demonstrating against the treatment of the detainees who were detained without trial under the ISA. You are invited to come to Speakers Corner and remember this day with us.

6.30pm, 21st May 2009

Speakers Corner, Hong Lim Park

For more info:

Tell us you are coming by clicking here.


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This is PAP’s Achilles heel. This is to Singaporeans, somewhat like what the Tiananmen incident is to the Chinese.

To be honest, I dare not attend this event due to fear of the Public Order Act. I’ve had my share of oppression by the PAP during NS. I can tell you that I believe everything about the interrogation techniques used by the ISD.

It is ironic that the interrogation/torture techniques used in 1987 is still used today in the SPF and the SAF.

Comment by Fu Chai

Hong Lim Park has been freed up for public demonstrations since September 1st 2008 and events carried out at HLP require registration with National Parks Board. Should there be a problem with the agenda, National Parks Board will then refer the application with the police who will then advise the organisers to submit an application for a license. Our event was registered. POA, an unjust and authoritarian act, is not applicable in this case.

Comment by rachelabsinthe

my attitude was that of ‘wait-and-see’ and i believe many singaporeans feel the same way. i was like… let’s see if these people get in to trouble with the people in power. if not, i will consider volunteering my time & effort in this cause

now that i am sure i will not get in to trouble with the spf or pap, i honestly regret not showing up.

Comment by Fu Chai

Don’t regret, show up next time! 😉

If you are afraid of trouble you can always observe from a distance to see if trouble comes first before coming forward to stand with the wee crowd.

Comment by rachelabsinthe

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