Remember May 21 (A note of thanks)
May 23, 2009, 12:03 am
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The turnout was very encouraging, honestly way more than what we had expected. For those who were there to support our event, thank you for taking your time to come down and spend the evening commemorating May 21st with us. Many thanks as well to Mr. Francis Seow for the statement he wrote for us to read out at the event.

Our statement can be found here.






(Thank you E-Jay and Jacob for the photos)

(Video by Ho Choon Hiong)

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haha. this event is a credible effort. even mr francis seow wrote the statement for you guys. keep it up. and i hope people realise that the people responsible for the misdeeds, aka the PAP MP, are still around today. most notably, the ntuc chap.

i am glad this is not an sdp organised event. if it were, the state machinery would probably in full force to discredit this event.

Comment by Fu Chai

My wish is that more Singaporeans can do their part in speaking out against issues close to their hearts and I wish that those who are curious about issues that we are talking about will not be afraid to come forward to talk to us or do their own research with an open mind if they prefer. 🙂

Comment by rachelabsinthe

You know, i was so used to visiting your previous blog at multiply that i didn’t realise you switched to when i saw this blog…i was still thinking it was multiply!! Sheesh…talk about blur!! 😀

You guys did a great job in organising this event! 😉

As for the photos, you’re most welcome! 😀

Comment by jacob69

LOL Jacob, I forgot to inform everyone about this new blog as well.

Thanks for the words of encouragement and thanks for being there to support!

Comment by rachelabsinthe

[…] Remember May 21 (A note of thanks) […]

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