Our Hope for Singapore @ Speakers’ Corner (Vid)
August 12, 2009, 9:57 pm
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Pathetic crowd..less than my 10 cute finger, is it the reason why you guys only show the photo and not video?

Comment by Dogtracker

We never claimed that we had a big crowd and were not expecting many to turn up because we notified everyone the last minute. Video footage taken on the phone wasn’t compatible with our video editing software hence we converted it to mp3 instead and inserted photos.

The video footage was largely focussed on the speakers anyway, not the crowd.

Thanks for commenting nevertheless. 🙂

Comment by rachelabsinthe

(Disclaimer: Not being a wet blanket but giving constructive criticism for better speeches in future)
Maybe use a digicam next time? Less word-by-word reading from the text woulda be good. Ok, add some passion & enthusiasm. Engage the audience (regardless of the quantity)! Another thing is, add some puns, humor to spice it up.

Rachel, project your voice for you MUST know and remember by heart that YOU are speaking to and for the people!

I would suggest watching/listening to Obama’s speeches (as he’s a contemporary great speaker) or even Sarah Palin’s. Know what I’m getting at? Yes, the human touch. Something that some PAP speakers are somewhat… lacking. So much so that their own members fall asleep during a national rally.

Comment by StAnley

Yupp Stanley, I have only been an effective public speaker when my audience is aged 6 and below (ironically, I am a teacher). I don’t feel comfortable speaking to a crowd at all because I don’t like the attention. Personally, I prefer to do things instead of making speeches but this time, we somehow decided that everyone of us should say something so we did.

Obama is good at speaking… but yeah, he is good at speaking… :p

I’m no politician, not interested to be one as well. I’m an activist and believe that actions speak louder than any speeches, but yes you are right, there is alot to improve on indeed. 😀

Don’t worry about being a ‘wet blanket’, opinions and comments are always welcome!

Comment by rachelabsinthe

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