What Obama needs to realise
November 16, 2009, 12:47 am
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kyi1“Despite years of good intentions, neither sanctions by the US nor engagement of others have succeeded in improving the lives of Burmese people,” said Obama during the APEC meeting in Singapore according to the report by the Guardian.

Now I hope that Obama will not lift the US sanction on Burma. Instead, he needs to realise that because of countries like China, India and Singapore who are supporting the junta with their investments and diplomatic ties, the US has not been making a huge impact for change in Burma.

What Obama probably needs to do is to work with countries investing and having trade ties with the Burmese military junta to pressurise them into coming up with conditional trading ties for example, free the political prisoners and reviewing the constitution before supplying them trade or aid of any kind.

Making statements asking the junta to release Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is one thing that anyone can do. But to reinforce that demand with further actions and getting solidarity from the rest of the world will hold much more of an impact I think.

Recommended reading materials:

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Singapore, a friend indeed to Burma (Old one but still valid til today)

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You’re not seriously putting your “Hope™” in Obama that he is going to “Change™” anything in regards to stiffling socialist dictatorial regimes such as Burma, are you?! That would be tantamount to hoping a dog wouldn’t lick up its own vomit.

This is a president who bows down at the hip to Saudi kings, shakes the hands of communist dictator thugs named “Hugo” and “Fidel”, and gives his support to ousted Honduran dictators named Mel Zalaya. This is a president who spent 20+ years in a black liberation theology church in Chicago under the tutelage of Rev. Jeremiah “GOD DAMN AMERICA” Wright; who has close ties to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. This is a president who was forged in the Combine of Chicago Thug Politics. This is a president whose role models and close friends are communist Saul Alinsky, Frank Marshall Davis, and domestic ’60s terrorist and founder of the Weather Underground, Bill Ayers. And you want him to do the right thing in regards to… “human rights”?!

He kisses the rings of Chinese leaders while going on outrageous taxpayer-funded “apology” tours around the world “on behalf of America”, only to assuage his own guilt and bitter contempt for the country he now has embarrasingly been give charge over. And you expect him to do something in the name of… “human rights”?! Against a dictatorial regime?! LOL!!!

This is also a president who has no concern over fraudulent elections in Iran either (remember Iran? Here’s a refresher course in case you forgot:http://www.theblogofrecord.com/2009/06/15/why-is-obama-silent-on-irans-election/) because to show such would be an act of hypocrisy on his part in regards to his own 2008 election, which was wrought with fraud:http://michellemalkin.com/2008/10/08/acorn-watch-when-it-rains-it-pours/ And you expect him to do the right thing?!

The world thinks Obama is some sort of “messiah” come to save it from all its ills. Such pretentious fantasies can only be resigned for those who don’t do their homework, or are comfortably numb in their nebulous state of delusion.

Comment by Sembawang Bolo

Oh no, I am not putting all my “hope” in Obama, don’t worry.

Otherwise I won’t be writing here with my opinions on what he should do instead. And yes, I use the word ‘hope’ often and I do realise that. 😉

Comment by rachelabsinthe

Me worry? I think the concern is more yours than mine.

I don’t think this forum does justice to your opinions. If you really want his attention. You may want to try this one instead: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact

” And yes, I use the word ‘hope’ often and I do realise that.
Strange… I only counted one usage of the word in your post. But if you say so…

Comment by Sembawang Bolo

@ bolo

Why is it that so many detractors want to make an issue about Obama instead of what the issue actually is, and why do they always bring up the fact that he’s not ‘the messiah? It’s very weird to say the least, as if they are against hope and would hate him more if he were the messiah lol. You racist need to get a new hobby, this one is getting very old.

Comment by Kobamoto rin

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