“Cancer is a lonely disease.”
February 28, 2010, 4:25 am
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https://i0.wp.com/image3.examiner.com/images/blog/EXID7150/images/BreastCancerCell.jpgMid last year, an aunt of mine discovered that she had stage one breast cancer. After the surgery, she was required to undergo chemotherapy. I must say that she had gone through all of it with great support from my uncle, children and the rest of the extended family. On top of that, she had her optimistic attitude to thank, otherwise life will be rather down with all the pain and discomfort that she had to bear. Luckily she discovered it early enough before more damage had been done.

I recently had the opportunity to talk to her and she shared some of the stories of other cancer patients with me. I was rather disturbed by two particular cases and I think I should also share it here on my blog.


Case # 1: “Just die, I have no money for your medical treatment.”

A lady my aunt met at the cancer clinic was seen crying at the clinic. She is in her early 30s (if I have not heard wrongly) and has a 8 year old child. After the discovery of her cancer and hearing the advise on her impending treatment during consultation with the specialist, her husband told her that he had no money for all of that and she might as well die. After hearing about her story, my aunt and another cancer patient assured her that she need not worry and just concentrate on the treatment. She could get her medical fees subsidised heavily if she was able to prove that she was not able to afford to pay for her treatment. I did not get to hear about what she did then because the discussion went on to the reaction of the husband.

Case # 2: “My husband left me because I look so ugly now.”

Another story shared by my aunt was about this lady whose face became rather bloated after a few chemotherapy treatments. She discovered the cancer quite late and doctors had to remove her breasts. Her husband eventually found her less of a woman and sought for divorce. She became heavily depressed after that.


After hearing the two stories, my mind went back to the late mother of my friend Janice, who discovered that she had breast cancer about 8 or 9 years ago. The whole family was supportive and went through her years of pain with her and stayed strong for her til she passed on more than a year ago and by then, the cancer had developed in her bones. I am also reminded of a friend’s father in Belfast who is now living his last days at home with his loved ones instead of dying on a bed in a hospice. While the stories shared by my aunt had really broken my heart, I am happy to hear about families who have provided the immense amount of love and support for their loved ones who are suffering from cancer.

I think that love and support is really important for anyone stricken with cancer because they are facing possibilities of relapse, slow and painful death, financial drain and such and all of these can be really depressing, adding on the the physical pain that they may be facing everyday. They might suddenly find themselves unable to control their muscular movements, bowels, temper, appetite and might get sick from time to time due to the medication, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

“Cancer is a lonely disease”, said my aunt, and I couldn’t agree more.


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Both of my parents died from cancer and it has left me feeling very lonely, but i know that one day i will see them both again so the loneliness isnt forever

Comment by tarotexperience

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