Alan Shadrake on blogs and news
July 19, 2010, 11:50 pm
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What bloggers say…

Exposing the truth scares the PAP

Alan Shadrake’s crime?

Shadrake Jolly No More… For Now

Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore arrests Alan Shadrake.

Author of Death Penalty book arrested in Singapore

Are our courts that insecure?

Jolly Hangman author Alan Shadrake didn’t expect legal action

British author arrested in Singapore over death penalty book (By Ben Bland)

We even made it to the news here there and everywhere!

(not in chronological order)

Sin Chew Jit Pow,The Metro,The Guardian,The Sydney Morning Herald,The Telegraph,The Independent,The Associated Press,BBC,Al Jazeera,Indian Express,Taiwan News,RTT News,San Jose Mercury News,News 24,The Irish Independent,The Scotsman,The First Post,The Press Association,CBC News,London Evening Standard

And more to come. Too sleepy to add on now!


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Keep up the good work. You are an honest battler.

Comment by Mark

News of the totalitarian regime reaches out.
Singapore has a Secret Police, that the Gestapo would have envied.

Comment by Madison Cork

Hi Rachel, can I get the book from you in Singapore? I have several friends expressing their interest to buy a copy of the book, thanks to MDA for promoting the book :p

Comment by Moore

just to add, I was just thanking MDA in the sacastical sense 😛 If they just allow the book to be sold in the bookstores without lodging any complaint, many wouldn’t care to even take a look at the book. Notoriety of a book or Widespread publicity (even if it’s bad) for it usually helps to boast sales for its author. Since authors are supposed to express their views who can be openly debated among various groups of opinions, the more the PAP & Lee regime want to press charges against the author – this ONLY goes to prove that they have something to hide and are simply afraid that the readers will know the truth.

Comment by Moore

Actually if not for his arrest, there would have been a lot less awareness for the book and the contents. I was wondering if the govt’s aim is to scare him and hope he leaves Singapore or to haul him into court. The later will be interesting as it puts the application of the death penalty in the spotlight. I think it is about time also given the extreme harshness of our laws and its uneven application.

Wrong as it may seem, many Singaporeans have accepted the death penalty. Howver, if justice is not applied equally to all, I think most will have a big issue with that and I think that is the gist of the govt case against Shadrake.

It may be tough on Shadrake but I think it will be enlightening if this case goes to court. I really like to see how the govt try to prove that there is equal justice when past sentencing patterns appear otherwise.

Comment by Lucky Tan

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