Happy Birthday to Yew!
September 16, 2010, 1:42 pm
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Happy birthday to Yew,

Happy birthday to Yew,

Happy birthday to Yew,

Happy birthday to Yew!!!!


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LKY should get out of Singapore politics and enjoy the last few years of his life, however long it might be. I still admire him for his early tenacity in bringing the country to first world status. His use by date has come and he must go and leave the country in the hands of the younger and more open minded, educated and informed people of Singapore. Singapore needs true democracy. It is the year 2010!!!!

Comment by Jim Connor

Chee started off quite well in appreciating the relatively multiracial harmony of singapore-past.

However, again, I have to wonder where was all this talk when the new foreigners weren’t pouring in? Where was all this talk when the PAP stated that singapore must always have a chinese majority? What ‘balance’ is he talking about maintaining. He says that the Malays will think that the chinese are just attempting to increase their dominance implies that Chee is aware that they already are. And what has he said about this in the past? If nothing, or little was said about it before the new foreigners came in, then, talking about it now simply means that he seeks to maintain a local chinese majority and dominance.

He seeks to ‘unite’ singaporeans in appreciating this as a ‘singaporean’ problem. Why wasn’t it a ‘problem’ before the new foreigners started coming in droves?

Well, never mind the past. If the SDP is serious about racial harmony and inclusiveness, let them prove it by their noting all that is to the contrary. I, for one, am able to do it. Why is it that there is not one amongst the SDP whom can do it as meticulously as I? I take my training from the Brits, your not doing as good a job means you’re take your training from ‘getting along despite doing so in a racially-ordered society’. That is not ‘harmony’. That, psychological terms, is ‘learned helplessness’ on the part of the non-chinese.

I am not anti-SDP, but i’m pro-egalitarianism. If the SDP begins to truly look into the interests of the non-chinese in all arenas, then the allegation that what Chee and much of the ‘opposition’ is saying is purposed to rope in non-chinese support for continued local chinese dominance is destabilised. His talk about multiracialism being threatened at present without talking about how it has been severely compromised in the past through local chinese bigotry and dominance reveals his bias.

Comment by ed

I used to read some of your posts before, Ed. But seriously, the ones you make about Chee are just nonsensical. I mean, he may share the view on ‘how multiracialism has been severely compromised in the past through local chinese bigotry and dominance’, but he may have just not included in this video because he is talking about the contemporary situation.

At most, he may have just missed it out. But that to you, is supposed to “reveal his bias”. As far as I can tell you seem to be the one with the bias Ed.

And why don’t you form a political party and show all of us in Singapore how its done? Must be so comfortable sitting in your chair and criticizing everyone though having nothing but rehashed bull to offer yourself.

Comment by T

Ed, first of all, you should have realized by now that the video is a response to LKY saying that, if Singapore opens up politically then there’s bound to be race politics and the deterioration of multiracialism henceforth.

You mentioned in your post that ” well, never mind the past”. In the same vein, perhaps we could all focus on the problems that are before us rather than ask why nobody did this or that in the past. Going into retrospect will not help in the situation. The question to ask is, what can be done for the future.

Comment by Pi

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