GE 2011 to be held soon?
January 8, 2011, 10:44 am
Filed under: By Rachel Zeng, Singapore smell of the coming general elections is in the air, or so it seems.

In the past few months, the ground has been shaking with excitement and some predicted that the elections might be in December last year. I was one of them, and have been volunteering as a non member with the Singapore Democratic Party.

However December came and went without the GE occurring  but the spirit to continue doing what we do is still very much in the air. We just cannot sit back and wait for the PAP to spring a surprise upon us. I believe this is the same for everyone in the opposition camp.

So it was with much pleasure and excitement to receive the news that the boundaries of altered polling districts have been released. I have yet had the time to go through the 109 pages long document but it can be found here.

Since the Budget will be announced in February, the earliest possible period for the coming GE will most probably be during the March holidays. In my opinion anyway.

Well, who knows eh? We shall see. So, who gets your vote, and why?

May the answer not be “The Progress Package lor!”.

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