My thoughts on this International Women’s Day
March 8, 2011, 11:05 pm
Filed under: By Rachel Zeng, Gender woman is a female human being. She has a womb, she is able to conceive and breastfeed her child(ren).

In the times of old,  she used to carry out her domestic duties, serving her husband, in-laws and children. She had no voice, no rights and in some cases, she was expected to be invisible in public for society used to look upon women who appear all too often in public with their outspoken opinions as threats to the cohesiveness and morality of the society. Those who were publicly respected were most of the time socialites, respected for their fancy parties rather than intellect. Only in rare cultures and events such as revolutions, were women given the decision making powers and allowed to participate in bringing about changes for the well being of their communities and societies.

Now more and more women in the world enjoy the right to vote, the right to equal education, the right to speak aloud their opinions, work alongside with men and to exist as public figures without the criticism from the society for that. They enjoy the right to say no to men, to the system of stipulated gender roles, to engage in polygamy, to divorce their husbands and the right to inheritance.

So much have progressed but while we celebrate the progress, we have to remember the people who had spoken up to make these things happen. Do yourself a favour today and find out more about the people and events surrounding the feminist movement. Be informed and be inspired, for women’s freedom from oppression did not happen overnight. Nor did it happen without advocacy and actions.

The work is never complete. There is more to be done so that both genders can exist and stand on a more equal platform one day, with mutual respect instead of domineering expectations.

Indeed it is an ideal but it will forever remain an ideal if we do not bother to work towards reaching that goal.

Don’t you think so?


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Wow! It is delightfull to read what a woman writes about woman’s rights! Thank you Rachel for sharing your thoughts!

Comment by Armando

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