Let the carrot sweeten the hearts and minds?
March 24, 2011, 1:38 am
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This is an excerpt from “Parliament sits on April 11; polls by month’s end?”, 23rd March 2011, The Straits Times

“Veteran MP Charles Chong feels an election in mid-May would align better with the goodies announced in this year’s Budget, like the $1.5 billion worth of “growth dividends”.

Singaporeans are set to receive up to $800 each in dividends by May 1.

“The election should be after they get the cash, and before they finish spending it all!” quipped the MP for Pasir Ris – Punggol GRC.

Oh I see.


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Whether they give me $800 or $8000, or if opposition put a crokroach in my ward, I still vote opposition.

Comment by Old fart

Me will vote for any alternative party to see how good these willing fiddle faddle second raters perform their duties to the people.


Comment by patriot

since every newbie wants to be given a chance, i rather give those who wants to compete than those who took the easy route of coming through the back door

Comment by hahaha

“Nothing is for free,” as stated by none other than the Old Man himself.

Freeloaders, coming through the back door, plain-sailing into a Million Dollar iron-rice-bowl job are merely pretentious cheap-skates who want to make it rich at the quickest time, taking the easiest route to be a sure-winner, for selfish interest rather than for the people.

Just look at how many of those MPs yawning, dowing off, or sleeping at Parliament sessions. And how many of them were absent frequently? These part-timers, who meet the people only once or twice a month, making other people write letters for them to sign, must once-and-for-all be taught a lesson – NOT to take Singaporeans as FOOLs ANY MORE! Period.

Comment by Greedy MP

Thought they could pretend they were really sincerely helping the people with this payout.
Now they are even more direct that we get this because of the election.
They are not even ashame in telling it

Comment by johntan

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