The Death Penalty – A Video and Some Links

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Death Penalty Losing Appeal

President Ma Apologises for Wrongful Execution

“I want my son’s name back”

Wrongful Execution of M’sian Vignes Mourthi and Malicious Prosecution of Alan Shadrake

Wrongful Executions: “Fail-Safe” Judicial Systems Do Fail

10 Infamous Cases of Wrongful Executions

Best Argument Against the Death Penalty

A Legal Quest Against the Death Penalty; Chance of Error is Too Great, Even for Murder Victim’s Brother

China to “Kill fewer, kill carefully”


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alright then, let all the convicted malaysian drug traffickers move into rachel zeng’s house to live with her for the next 20 years so that rachel zeng can show them how to be a better person.

Comment by msia news

I am sorry that you are not seeing the point.

What makes you think that all of them are guilty? And honestly, if I draw an annual salary of $4.2 million, I will build them a halfway house myself.

What do we pay taxes for? I’d rather we use the taxes properly, to be put into social projects, to help the marginalised, instead of into the increasing salaries of the ministers every year.

Comment by rachelabsinthe

alright, let’s nominate msia news to be next foreign talent executor for all msian drug mules ok. thanks.

Comment by Ted

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