SADPC – Statement regarding Khor Soon Lee’s appeal and an appeal for Cheong Chun Yin
April 18, 2011, 10:18 pm
Filed under: Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign

On Saturday, 16 April 2011, we received news that Singapore’s Court of Appeal had overturned the death sentence of Khor Soon Lee, who was convicted of drug trafficking in 2009.

According to the information reported by the press, Khor who was arrested on 9 August 2008 at Woodlands Immigration Checkpoint, was not aware that he was carrying heroine although he knew that he was carrying other drugs.

It is encouraging to hear the decision of the Court and we hope that this will not be the only case whereby other factors are taken into due consideration before a convict gets sentenced to death or before an appeal gets dismissed.

We appeal to the Court of Appeal to apply similar practice on other cases.

One example is the case of another Malaysian by the name of Cheong Chun Yin who was convicted of drug trafficking and sentenced to death in February 2010. In his statement and during the court proceedings, Cheong told the Court that he believed that he had been smuggling gold bars from Burma instead of heroin.

If the Court of Appeal was able to look through the evidence to decide that Khor had no knowledge that he was carrying heroin in his appeal, they should also be able to do the same for Cheong.

Unfortunately Cheong’s case has progressed to the last stage. He is now waiting for the President’s reply to the clemency petition that was submitted at the beginning of the year.

As time is running out, we urgently urge the authorities of Singapore to look into Cheong’s case once again and allow him one last appeal, putting into consideration the fact that he claimed no knowledge of smuggling the drug into our shores at all.

Afterall, the purpose of the legal process is to avoid punishing the innocent, and I am sure that we do not want to send an innocent man to the gallows for a crime that he did not intend to commit.

Thank you.

Rachel Zeng

Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign (SADPC)


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Thank you for the updates, Rachel. And thank you for the time, effort and all the thought that goes with your news.
The Island State needs more humanitarians such as yourself.

Comment by Merv

Thank you for your encouraging words! 🙂

Comment by rachelabsinthe

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Thanks for this timely update, Rachel. Much appreciated.

Proving knowledge or non-knowledge of carrying the upper-limit of drugs, must surely be included for all cases? sigh…we are talking about taking a human’s life and not roulette-throw, hoping some judge will be compassionate enough to exercise discretion about evidence.

Thanks for tirelessly, helming the campaign. Bless ur soul.

Comment by siauw chong

Indeed I hope that the authorities here will be compassionate enough to reopen the case and look through the evidence and statements made by Cheong once again. They should never send an innocent man to the gallows, if anything at all.

Comment by rachelabsinthe

the basic question here is – why is it that so many malaysian men like to smuggle illegal drugs into S’pore ?

Comment by msian news

“why is it that so many malaysian men like to smuggle illegal drugs into S’pore ?”

Malaysians have not been the only ones being used as drug mules. It just so happens that the cases made known to us are Malaysians. Singaporeans have also been used and sometimes tricked to become drug mules, bringing drugs to Australia, Argentina, Malaysia etc. I think you should perhaps do your own research before asking such a question, with an assuming tone that implies that Malaysian drug mules like what they are doing, whether they are aware of the drugs or not.

Comment by rachelabsinthe

hey man, u do drugs u die…SE is doing nothing wrong on that note & i do not understand or see ur point of pretence to be Angelic…GO TO STATES, EVEN AFRICA OR BRAZIL…FIGHT UR CAUSE THERE AND STOP THE PRETENCE, Singapore lots saver without YOU pretending & fighting for criminals, low creatures that pollute our country and bring drugs here!!knowing well the ‘killing’of making money is good but the price if caught is high too…what did we do wrong? is a law and so be it! what signal are we giving to these lowly creature of future? trying their luck and claiming thereafter ignorant? hey man, stop your croco tears of humanity…do it at greater cause such like…pursue the DRUG LORDS IN BURMA OR GOLDEN TRIANGLE..if u have the BOSS!

Comment by spoa

You are lucky that you live in a society that informs you about the consequences of drugs and global consequences of drug trafficking. There are many people in other parts of the world who are not as fortunate as you, who do not know the real danger of drugs and who are just following orders or who have been tricked. Our authorities KNOW about these syndicates, about the tricks of theirs and the drug mule system but they choose to kill anyway even though alot of these people are ignorant and naive and sometimes innocent because they have been tricked and lied to. They kill the drug mules while imprisoning the masterminds (if they even manage to catch them) and trade with the BURMESE JUNTA and ‘businessmen’ who are themselves drug lords. Perhaps you should do your research on that yourself.

I understand that when one cares nothing about humanity, one will not understand or accept the fact that others do. However I have one simple question here: Do you want innocent people to be sent to the gallows in the name of your citizenry? (Not talking only about drug mules but about other crimes too)

Comment by rachelabsinthe

u have won my respect with the tone of your reply, take care Rachael, & yes indeed, in whatever way & even some angle of the “laws”, politic is dirty but u…have came a long way & is still travelling, journeying on…may u be blessed of your doing & pursuing and i leave with u Cest la Vie!

Comment by spoa

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