SDP Loves Singapore: VOTE SDP!
April 27, 2011, 2:06 pm
Filed under: By Rachel Zeng, Singapore, Singapore Democratic Party

I have not known any other group of people who are so passionate about what they do, even though it requires more than extra effort, many late nights, no income etc. They care so much and believe so much in Singaporeans that they continue to do what they do despite being slandered all over the place, besides the fact that the media generally blocks them or censors them, despite the recent smear campaign. They are still here, and they will fight for you, if you give them the opportunity to.


How I wish that they are contesting in my area.


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I am utterly moved by their passion and sincerity.

Comment by bookjunkie

Rachel, I have received an email from someone purporting to be you last night. If it really was from you, can you please acknowledge by confirming it was you in this thread.

PS – I don’t moderate my site, but Google does. I have many replies in my blog which Google spam boxes. I have also many trolls who impersonate people. Almost every morning I have to decide for myself if those mails are genuine or if people have been impersonated, then unspam the ones I am sure are not impersonations.

If you have been commenting on my blog, please also acknowledge that fact as well, so I can unspam your comments.

Comment by Solo Bear

Hi Solo Bear, yes I emailed you last night because I was confused about my comments disappearing. Well I understand that sometimes it is difficult to decide what is spam and what not because I used to face the same problem too. Switch to wordpress? :p

Comment by rachelabsinthe

Hi Rachel, thanks for confirming.

I have released your posts you made under this account.

Here are the threads where your posts have been unspammed.

If that account is not yours, please let me know and I will delete those posts.

As for using wordpress, there is no point. I have a stalker cum serial spammer cum impersonator on my site who is a pro. He uses proxies and multiple accounts, even wordpress that has an in built tracker it won’t do any good.

He has even impersonated public figures. That’s why Google is “on the ball” at my site. I just let Google do the job to keep him out.

In any case, I do have trackers that are able to identify IP addresses. But my unique visitor hits have reached 3000+ daily it becomes quite bothersome to go through them.

Comment by Solo Bear

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