An open letter to the mainstream media of Singapore
May 2, 2011, 2:29 am
Filed under: By Rachel Zeng, Singapore

Dear Jounalists and Editors,

I woke up on Sunday morning (1st May) and flipped through my brother’s copy of The New Paper. I found myself face to face with an article with the headline “Is he SDP’s loose cannon”.

The article accused Dr Chee Soon Juan of leading a protest march and played the impression of a split, saying that other party members tried to intervene and stop the march.

After reading this article, I went online to do a quick search and found another article written in Chinese on OMY (, accusing Dr Chee of insisting on making a speech on stage.

This is far from the truth.

Towards the end of the rally at Jurong East Stadium, a supporter of the party wanted to garland Dr Chee. However, because of his status as a bankrupt, he is not allowed to do that. In fact, he made no attempts to speak on stage at all and the emcees even explained to the public that since he is not allowed to do so, the supporter would have to garland him off-stage. That was what happened.

As a citizen of this country I am utterly disappointed that the mainstream media as a whole, has often seek to destroy the good work done by hardworking people from the opposition parties in order to elevate the ‘goodness’ of the PAP. Such inaccuracies and accusations cannot be tolerated at all.

Kindly be reminded that as journalists and editors, all of you have the duty to bring the truth through your publications and not run free campaigns for the ruling party which currently happens to be the PAP.

To tell the truth, I have no more faith in the mainstream media anymore.

I have tried my best not to contribute any single cent to your companies’ pockets because of the way you have been constantly bias in your reporting, especially with regards to downplaying the good work done by the opposition parties and the manner in which you have attempted to destroy the image of the late Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam, Tang Liang Hong, Dr James Gomez, Dr Chee Soon Juan and recently, Dr Vincent Wijeysingha, Tan See Jay and Spencer Ng. Over the past five or six years, the number of copies of your papers I have bought can be counted with the fingers of a single hand.

You have been destroying your own credibility, and I wonder if you have even started to realise that.

I am totally disgusted, and I hope that you apologise to Dr Chee. He could have sued you, but he will never get as low as those who did the same to him. How can you even continue to tarnish the name of this man year after year, and not feel a sense of guilt in you at all?

Please, do ponder over your journalistic and editorial conduct. Check your facts before you write with your pens of unjustified poison.

Thank you.


Rachel Zeng


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The main stream media is controlled by the PAP. Now is round 2 of the campaign. So they need the media to help them to throw stones.

I never buy the straits times or any other magazine related to SPH and Media corp./

Comment by yogi

Well said indeed! I hope for a not only a political change, but also heads rolling in all of the local mainstream media which is Soo biased. In Russia they called the states propaganda newspaper “Pravda” translates- The Truth – just in case of any doubt…..

Comment by Justine

Nice job, throwing the spanner at their ugly faces. Such dirty tricks to tar the image of the good men fighting their guts out for us, the suffering lot, are nothing new. I stopped buying their papers three years ago, and never regretted it.

Comment by Molly

Good work should be recognised

Comment by Singapore

The Noose PAPer

…what Loose Cannon?

Comment by saycheese

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