Bryna Sim has no sense of shame at all
May 3, 2011, 3:06 am
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Bryna Sim mentioned arrogantly on her Facebook status that the SDP members did not seem to be enraged by the damaging article published on The New Paper. She also found it ironic that netizens are the ones reacting. Click to see the screenshot below.

I was totally appalled. Does she know how the reputation of an individual or organisation is so easily damaged by negative reporting by the media, especially when there is no independent media in Singapore? The whole team at The New Paper should apologise for the inaccuracies in the article!

Well, please watch the following clip from 10:40 onwards before anyone of you who is pro-mainstream media or pro-government accuses me of trying to smear The New Paper.


So this is what I left on her wall:

“How dare you gloat over their graciousness. You made a mistake which is causing many who do not know about the party to continue having negative thoughts of Dr Chee and the party. You should apologise but you are so arrogantly defensive. Have you got no shame at all?”


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This media bias has been going on for years. I am taken aback it has taken us so long to fully grasp the extent of it. 😦

Comment by K

well I feel ashamed to read this… it was your blog on PAP flags that I decided to go to police twice, PA, RC, Meet-the-people session that finally half the flags surrounding my HDD were removed 1 day b4 nonimation day. So this ‘protest’ I was filming the entire post rally in real time. Guess I should contact TNP via phone or something. Btw, boycotting TNP forever I guess. Can always read Soccer news online.

Comment by StanleyYang

SDP members do not have time to be “enraged” by the article. They are concentrating on running the best campaign they can – and rightly so. But us, as the electorate and also consumers, should not have to stand for such rubbish reporting. We’re not stupid, and we do not deserve to be manipulated and taken for a ride!

I think it’s only right that SDP focuses on the campaign, while us consumers of the mainstream media hold TNP to account. Working together towards a better Singapore, eh!

Comment by kirsten

Damn right!

Comment by rachelabsinthe

I don’t find ironic at all.
If one person is a supporter of a particular team or a person, for an example in soccer-ManU or whichever team, if something bad or untrue about them is to be said, wouldn’t the supporter be upset and react to it instead of the team’s spokesperson or representative to come out and clarify? Even for a non-supporter, a fair justice person would know and be ‘enraged’ by the article.

Bryna Sim. What a strange and unglamorous name.

Human nature and common sense would tell us to differentiate what’s right and what’s NOT right.

Instead of apologising, they went to assess their behavior and trying to coup up another stories on the cover. So Evil of them !

Comment by Supporter

Bryna Sim, shame on you. Where is your journalistic conscience ? From which university you learnt your course on journalism ? You owe Singaporeans a thousand apologies. Your skin is very thick, hope your heart is not …… !

Comment by Tell it as it is

Perhsaps she is trying to emulate Chua Mui Hoong, asslicking thneir way up

Comment by Soojenn

Why is Bryna so quiet now?

And yes, like you, I too found Bryna’s comment despicable. She’s flat out denying that she has done anything wrong. She seems too proud to admit her mistakes. Disgusting and poorly brought up.

Comment by Why so quiet?

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