Apologies that mean nothing
May 6, 2011, 5:44 pm
Filed under: By Rachel Zeng, Singapore

Lee Hsien Loong apologised, so did Vivian Balakrishnan. In fact, during and towards the end of their campaigning this General Elections, some of the more prominent PAP candidates adopted a humble tone which was quite a 360 degree change from their attitude in the beginning of the campaign as well as the past 5 decades.

As much as I would like to be touched by this sudden sense of humility displayed by these candidates, as much as I try to read the transcripts and watch the videos of the speeches given with hope, their words did not melt my heart at all.

“Too late, too fake” was what kept popping up in my mind.

It is pretty obvious that all of these apologies are part of the larger strategy to generate more votes. In the beginning of the campaign, it was all about the age old idea of lift and facilities upgrading, promoting the unnecessary fear of a “freak election”, a “weakened government” if more opposition members get into Parliament and of course, all the attempts to slander candidates from other parties during rallies and via the mainstream media. There was an air of ‘mighty arrogance’, very defensive against all criticisms of their policies and mistakes and the intellect of Singaporeans were insulted everytime they expected us to believe in the scary scenarios ahead without them.

Now we see crocodile tears. The body language, the facial expressions, the tone of the voice and everything else do not cohere with the words used. Did they replace their speech writer and campaign manager with someone else who had advised them to undertake a softer approach?

I think that they are rather afraid at this point of time. The future of the PAP is now uncertain because many from the gound seems to be very anti-PAP right now. Many more qualified and passionate individuals have joined the opposition cause and very few people attended the rallies organised by the PAP as compared to the rallies organised by the opposition parties. Some of them might well loose their ministerial jobs after this GE. They are begging for us to vote for them and their colleagues, they are begging now with tears, all the ‘sorries’ and fake humble smiles.

Am I alone in thinking that it is too late to make apologies now? Hmm…

It is true, the sentiments on the ground have changed. People are demanding more than estate upgrading. They have called out for a government who care more about Singaporeans and who will make policies based on the needs and wants of the people, rather than the needs and wants of the ruling party which at this point in time, is PAP.

I hope that the show of support that was seen at the rallies organised by the opposition parties will be translated into votes. It is time for change, we need more voices in the Parliament to represent the ever becoming diverse needs of Singaporeans.

Remember, PAP is NOT the absolute government of Singapore. PAP does not own Singapore, they just happen to be the ruling party now. There are very dedicated and capable people in the opposition camp, do not worry about Singapore falling into pieces should there be more ‘voices’ in the government.

Oh before I forget, here is what I would like to say to the PAP: I am certainly not voting for your candidate. I am going to give my vote to WP’s Koh Choong Yong. And actually, I am honestly unapologetic about not voting for you.


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You are damn right!! I share your views absolutely. It’s time we downsize PAP in the parliament and live up to our national pledge of building a democratic society based on justice and equality!!!

Comment by Paul Tan

Singaporeans who reads this blog on polling day:

Vote in alternative parties for:

Checks and balances

Accountability and Transparency

PAP failed in these two areas

Comment by Dennis

Hey! I like yr last line (I am honestly unapologetic about not voting for you!!)


Comment by lenny

well, you know what they say…’better late than never’. heh.

Comment by a_x

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