Tin Pei Ling’s entry into Parliament: An insult to Singapore politics
May 8, 2011, 6:02 am
Filed under: By Rachel Zeng, Singapore

Tin Pei Ling is now a Member of Parliament, what an insult to tax paying Singaporeans.

However, the votes for Marine Parade GRC dipped from 77.25% when it was last contested in 1991 to 56.65% this time round.  This is not a good performance at all for the PAP. In fact, the margin is rather slim and I would of course prefer Nicole Seah and Abdul Salim in Parliament. Nicole gained my respect with the way she handled the sexist press and the way she carried herself throughout her campaigning. Salim, who I know personally, has always been a passionate supporter of human rights causes. He is a down to earth fella who definitely understands how the people on the ground are struggling in their daily lives. I hope they do not give up and keep working on the ground to prepare for the next GE. For the opposition, work can never stop.

Back to Tin Pei Ling. I am rather unhappy that she has gotten in so easily. She displays no exceptional intellect or passion to serve the people. I have watched her rally speeches and tried to see why she was chosen as a candidate but I still cannot see any value in her candidacy.  She is simply not impressive.

As a woman, I totally disagree with the sexist remarks about her. I find those sexist remarks disrespectful and insulting because they came from the old age generalisations that society has about women who suddenly went to the top of the ladder and such. Those remarks are highly insulting, but I see the validity in all criticisms about her lack of intellect, maturity and sincerity in wanting to serve the people of Singapore. What made her run as a candidate for this GE? I really doubt that it is due to wanting to serve the nation.

What an insult to Singapore. Do we deserve such an MP like Tin Pei Ling?

Honestly, 56.65% is nothing to be proud of. Goh Chok Tong and his team should re-examine instead, why they have only won by such a slim margin. Something is obvious to me though and that is, Goh Chok Tong has gotten complacent and arrogant. This is the way I see it, otherwise he will never come to insult us like this by fielding such a lousy candidate by the name of Tin Pei Ling in the GE at all.

Oh seriously, this is such a mockery of PAP and Singapore politics.

Do check out:

Petition to remove Tin Pei Ling as MP

TOC Breaking News: NSP makes complaint to Elections Dept over Tin Pei Ling Facebook posting (Updated)

Disqualification of the PAP marine parade team


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TPL – ‘marriedtocracy”?
Her only ‘qualification’ that seemed to matter to the PAP
is that she is ‘safe’ being the wife of LHL’s PPS. It should not pass without reference that this reflects PAP’s fruitless search for candidates of calibre who would at the same time be willing to be ‘dumb-ass’ compliant towards the party leadership.

Comment by thetwophilo

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It’s outrageous that TPL thinks that she’s above the law. First, she contravened election rules by starting campaigning before it’s allowed (see the link below).


Then, she violated the Cooling Day rule of no campaigning and pushed the buck to a scapegoat, despite the scapegoat being unauthorised to access her election advertising. (see link below)


Comment by KM

And best of all with her win, she can now be viewed as a stronger candidate than the likes of George Yeo, Lim Hwee Hua, Cynthia Phua, etc combined who have lost.

What a joke this GRC system !

Comment by Alan Wong

Can’t wait til George Yeo speaks up against the GRC system in time to come.

Comment by rachelabsinthe

I believe GCT had no choice but to accept this low quality candidate. It was shoved down his throat by LHL. If you read some of his messages which sound perhaps out of touch, he is telling the public he agrees.. that is why, he has a buddy system to hand hold her? hahaaa. what a joke.

LHL claims he will listen to the voices of Singaporeans… and have apologised at the last minute of the election campaign. Let’s see if he will ealk the talk… bededicated and humble to serve the people? really.

Marine Parade has a lot of older generation livng in the estates, and die hard supporters of GCT and PAP… to have their votes pulled down by so much is already an indication that times have changed… and if they continue to arrogantly think than Tin Kate Spade will be able to represent Singaporeans in the parliament, than nothing has changed but talk.

Tin Kate Spade not only flouts rules.. and claims an “honest” mistake? has been made? Let see how they deal with her, which will give an indication of how much the PAP is looking into themselves, as LHL tells us he would.

“Honest”? really… irrespective, she is the sole owner of the fb, and is solely responsible for anything published there… so where is the scrapegoat she has used for her cover up.. has she acknowleded that she is the culprit?

If no, then Tin Kate Spade is LYING
If yes, then is it with authorisation from Tin Kate Spade to publish for her.
If yes, then Tin Kate Spade is ULTIMATELY responsible for this.
If no, the the scrapegoat has to be charged for impersonating the account without authority.

Whatever, we like to have an aswer and closure to this. Tin Kate Spate has to “repent” and be sacked from the team, if PAP wants to remain “credible”

Comment by Soojenn

Singapore politics is rubbish. Singapore is a freak democracy. In fact, there is no democracy at all.

Next GE2016 will definitely a clean sweep by PAP because of gerrymandering and GRC system. PAP will do all things to uphold its one-party political system regardless whether it hurts the country or people or not. One secret weapon many Singaporeans do not know is a secret plan to recruit more especially PRC Chinese to join the PAP YP and YP leaders are now being trained in China by the Chinese communist youth league (note that minister Cow has led a PAP team to meet with the Chinese communist party recently). Many PRC migrants to Singapore will join this YP (after all they could be already the Chinese communist party member) and will vote for PAP in 2016. This is the same technique communist Chinese leader Mao and others did in China to get as many people as their party members and then as majority has overthrown the nationalist. The same strategy is adopted in Singapore to recruit all these YP members to counter the decreasing older pro-PAP voters and the increasing local youths who wanted change in regime.

Comment by syafiq06

The biggest joke in Singapore Democratic system is the GRC. Whoever cheat in any election will never be honorable nor deserving. Change the law and the system. Thank you. Unfortunate Singaporean who served national service and reserve duties.

Comment by unfortunate singaporean

To be honest, there has never been democracy in Singapore.

Comment by rachelabsinthe

Really a great disgrace if that’s what PAP can bring in! You can simply go to our top universities in Singapore and bring in loads of better people. It’s also sad if she is the representation of our new generation of politician. Her selection shows the great weakness in the whole GRC concept.

Comment by Nardysg

The talents are either abroad or have joined the opposition. 😉

Comment by rachelabsinthe

when one compares ms tin pei ling to other impressive women candidates like ms nicole seah, its almost like comparing a 3 dollar pasar malam bag to a kate spade…..

Comment by pottycol

Just to share: I prefer to compare one candidate to another, in comparison of their abilities instead of comparing them within their gender. 😉

But of course, to each his/ her own.

Comment by rachelabsinthe

Tin Pei Ling is a desperate grasp at straws by the PAP to connect to young and female voters but instead successfully alienated themselves to them as well as the populace of the Web and social media

the GRC binds together the good with the trash

when the GRC takes out ministers, the PAP whine.
when the GRC brings in dodos like TPL, we suffer.

yet to have tight and total control over S’poreans, it’s still the better tool right?

Comment by han

The only reason, and the sole reason, that seem very obvious why she enter politics is … glamour.

Look at what she wrote (I don’t believe Denise He wrote them) in her facebook during the cooling off day. Her tone was obnoxious and make one feels so disgusting, lacking compassion and above all, had a strong aroma of elitism.

I guess she wants very much to show off to her friends how successful she can be, with a much older PPS husband, be an MP in Parliament, socialising around the ‘high-society’ people. Come to think of it, I am also very disappointed to see so many of the RC’s grassroot sucked up to her.

I am very disheartened to see her enter Parliament sitting in a baby pram, pushed by the woodpecker gct. This is sheer injustice. What has become of my country! Should I take national service seriously henceforth?

Comment by She is highly unlikeable

She did get elected by the constituents – surely she has the right to prove herself.

All these fiery and reactionary comments do not take into account that the electorate had spoken and she indeed has been elected.

Leave her to do her job.

Young Singaporeans nowadays are more in love with radicalisation and do not recognise the foresight of your founding fathers. Please feel free to disagree but frankly your words have thus far been disrespectful.

Comment by Humane

She was elected via the GRC system. People I have spoken to voted for Goh Chok Tong, not her. In fact, many PAP supporters within my circle of network have a huge problem with her candidacy.

Don’t worry, I respect the fact that people have the right to hold and express their opinions. Agreement or disagreement is not the issue here, sharing is.

I also hope that people will come to respect the reactions of the rest, be it fiery, negative or whatever.

If there is no action, there will be no reaction. All of us have a functioning brain, principles and personal judgment which causes us to react in a certain way. I don’t like it when people become patronising and I am not exactly as young as people think I am and neither did I grow up in a comfortable environment where I did not need to earn to support myself through school etc.

Whether one likes her or not, whether one thinks that she is qualified or not, there is nothing wrong with either. Human beings make their stands so this is mine, and I am sharing it with you. Imagine her running under the opposition, she would have been mocked at by Goh Chok Tong himself already. And no, I am not assuming, I know because there were previous examples – people who were way better and passionate than what has been portrayed by TPL.

Comment by rachelabsinthe

Quote http://www.sgpolitics.net/?p=6491

“1. TPL is a Senior Associate at Ernst & Young Advisory Pte Ltd.
TPL is not in a managerial position. Her job is to solicit business for E&Y. After she gets an account, she transfers the client to other E&Y departments to do the follow-up. She is like a pimp. She does not manage other E&Y staff. If she cannot manage staff, how can she manage grassroots leaders and residents?” more in above link. Its strange that her reputation stinks as each day goes; its very very very difficult to cover the stench. Maybe its like the Nuclear Reactor One fr fukushima. It will burnt many holes into the earth. Actually the nuclear bomb have already ignited.

Comment by anticrimenow

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