Goodbye George Yeo
May 8, 2011, 4:51 am
Filed under: By Rachel Zeng, Singapore

May this be a real humbling experience for you Mr George Yeo, former Foreign Minister of Singapore.

Actually I am sure that you are personally a nice guy but too bad, the party you are with is not a nice party. You are actually not on the list of my extremely least favourite ministers although some of the stuff you have said publicly have been really offensive in my opinion.

Although your fellow colleagues have won this election yet again, they have lost 6% of support as compared to the last GE in 2006. In many areas, there have been quite an amazing percentage of swing votes.PAP should not be proud of their so called victory.

Personally, I would love to see Goh Chok Tong, Wong Kan Seng, Mah Bow Tan, Yaacob Ibrahim, Lui Tuck Yew, Teo Ser Luck, Vivian Balakrishnan, Lee Bee Wah, Teo Ho Pin, Charles Chong, Grace Fu, K Shanmugam, and Tharman out of Parliament among all the current ministers that we have there, more so than you. But yes, WP won the good fight.

You know, it is not fair to see Tin Pei Ling, Chan Chun Seng and many other newbies getting in with their lack of calibre. I wonder how you honestly feel about this.

Well anyway, goodbye… I hope you get a new job soon. Otherwise I am sure you will feel how many of us in the lower income group feels. Well I forgot, you have your pension and of course, PAP will employ you in one way or another.

Guess I won’t be seeing you driving a taxi anytime soon then.

Will you be running for Presidency?


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Is this the same George Yeo, who, “have more important things to worry about”, rather than answer a journalist’s question, as to: how people have been executed in the course of the year?

Comment by Mark S

Yes, same person. I am quite happy that he is gone, but there should be many more along with him.

Comment by rachelabsinthe

What a loss for SG and the Nalanda university…Plus: “Christians are less violent than other religions”, according to Mr. Yeo. Does really history teach us so?

The ST this morning tends to think it’s the end of his political career.

Comment by Marc

“Christians are less violent than other religions”

That remark actually made me really mad. If this came from a blogger, an activist, a member of the opposition, the person will be investigated by the police already.

Comment by rachelabsinthe

I voted for Nicole but regret that I can’t help
her. Did she qualify for ncmp?

Comment by punisher

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