A message from the Corordinator of ADPAN on the imprisonment of Alan Shadrake
June 9, 2011, 12:56 am
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The Anti Death Penalty Asia Network – ADPAN – is shocked that Alan Shadrake is now facing a term of imprisonment for giving his opinion on why the death penalty is wrong in Singapore.  An opinion that goes to the heart of the universally accepted understanding of freedom of expression.  ADPAN  an independent and growing network with almost 60 members from 23 countries including Singapore  works for an end to the death penalty across the region and is calling for Alan Shadrake’s release.

Louise Vischer
Coordinator – Anti-Death Penalty Asia Network (ADPAN)
Amnesty International
International Secretariat

Working Days:  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Tel:   +44 (0)207 413 5656
Skype:  louise.vischer1


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I’m shocked you haven’t read the judgement properly. He was not jailed for his anti-death penalty views. He was jailed for alleging that the judiciary applied different standards of sentencing to criminals of different social class, and that their sentencing was influenced by the Govt, etc.

Comment by politicalwritings

Generally, Alan’s opinions on why DP in Singapore is wrong, besides his personal opinion that it violates the right of a human being to life, is due especially to his research on the way it has been used in Singapore. Without him being of the view that the DP should be abolished, or the curiosity in how this has been used in Singapore, the book will never have been written at all. There are many ways in which people are seeing his conviction:

(1) They are persecuting him because he exposed the unfairness of the judiciary in order to let readers doubt his words;

(2) They are persecuting him to tell the world that there will be no change in the judicial system with regards to the death penalty;

(3) They are persecuting him because of his perspectives on the death penalty in Singapore.

These are some of the most commonly brought up opinions by those who have been watching the case closely. They do have their reasons and I must say that most of their reasons for believing so are valid.

I have my way of seeing the validity of Ms. Vischer’s statement but it is best if you seek clarification from her using the email address stated.

Sometimes there are things beyond what is black and white and it is up to us to interpret based on our personal perspectives. I am talking about this message in particular, as well as the charge that led to Alan’s imprisonment. Sometimes certain things are not as simple as it seems to be.

Comment by rachelabsinthe

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