Dear Mr Chan Chun Sing…
July 4, 2011, 3:14 pm
Filed under: By Rachel Zeng, Singapore

“He [Chan Chun Sing] said he would rather see young people telling the Government: I believe in this, give me some help and I will do it.” (Straits Times, 3 Jul 2011)

Well Mr Chan I tried. My friends in civil society tried. So did my friends in the various opposition parties. We tried and were ignored so some of us went ahead and started being more visible with our feedback, some of us went ahead doing what we believe in without the government’s help since our different views and suggestions have been ignored and then what happened?

Police harassed us, agents followed us, PAP politicians complained about us via mainstream media.

Do you know how it is like, to keep on advocating for what one truly believes in and face the risk of police harassment? Do you know how it is like, to write to the government offering suggestions, send petitions and yet to have our efforts ignored? Sometimes your fellow comrades even went as far as to say that we are people who are collaborating with western infiltrators, as if we are working towards the downfall of our country. Do you know?

But don’t worry Mr Chan, I will continue what we are doing and so will my contemporaries. And this time when the government asks us to bugger off or ignore our letters with their stony silence again, I will write to you instead.

P.S: By the way, I do not think it is necessary to include the military rank of someone when addressing the person.


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“P.S: By the way, I do not think it is necessary to include the military rank of someone when addressing the person”. Unquote.

Yes, what the hell for?
When one is a civilian.

Sin is not Burma.


Comment by patriot

Exactly. However even if we are under military rule, I don’t think I will even address a person by military rank… I only think that it is necessary to address someone as Mr, Mrs, Miss, Madam or Dr.

Comment by rachelabsinthe

Well said Rach! Another word to describe Chan (less the rank) is naive.

Comment by Stephanie

Thank you Stephanie, these are just some words from the bottom of my heart in response to the article on ST. I think he is also trying to change people’s perception of PAP but it takes more than words to be honest… well for those who do not agree blindly with them that is.

Comment by rachelabsinthe

Hi Rachel,

I would like to seek your permission to reproduce part or the entirety of your letter to MG Chan Chun Sing as reference in posting my comments in TEMASEK REVIEW EMERITUS.

Right now there is a letter to MG Chan as well. He is Pte (NS) Alex Tan Zhixiang. see link below.

Please let me know of your consent

Comment by WenWah

Hi Wen Wah,

Feel free to reproduce it yea I am all for sharing. 🙂

However this isn’t much of a letter, just a quick lunchtime response from me with regards to what was reported by the ST.


Comment by rachelabsinthe

rachel zeng – if you are truly honest, go ahead and admit that you and your people are indeed working together with foreign groups in pursuing your hidden agendas in S’pore.

Comment by msia news

If I want to work with foreign groups with whatever hidden agendas, why would I do it right here in Singapore where I personally face all sorts of inconveniences for the things that I do?

You know, I find it really sad that there are people around who cannot see how people are willing to face all sorts of risks just because they cannot bear to keep their opinions to themselves or because they want to see a better Singapore who are right here doing what they do. People like that who genuinely care about their cases do exist in Singapore.

And perhaps you should be honest and admit that you are probably part of the PAP internet brigade out to discredit activists and outspoken bloggers due to your not so hidden agenda.

Comment by rachelabsinthe

Well said!

Comment by David Teo

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Mr Chan Chun Sing,

Do you understand your role and what you’re suppose to do as a Minister and as an elected Member of Parliament?

The criticism are not throwing stones. They are feedback telling you what are the problems. You are suppose to take these information, with those information you already have from the authorities and with the civil service machinery you have behind you, come up with solutions and policies that address these problems.

If these young people can can come up with solutions, without the kind of civil service machinery you have, then why the hell we still need you? You might as well step aside and let these young people run the show. Dialogues are feedback and information for you to do your job better.

Do you really understand what you are suppose to do and what your roles are or not?

If you don’t, come next General Election, we will tell you.

Comment by VoteHimOut

Well said. Especially the information on how you get harassed instead of being supported. Powerful people will never listen.

Comment by Talc

Mr Chan is either extremely naive or chose to bury his head in the sand to acknowledge that his paymaster call the shots. Chan chun sing is merely paying lip service so as to appear more liberal than his peers. Anyone 2with an ounce of intelligence can see thru that!

Comment by Roland

After that feedback session, I wrote him off already. If he persist, he will go the way of wks, rl, mbt and the dodo in the next GE.

Comment by David Teo

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