The case of Roslan bin Bakar
July 24, 2011, 11:41 pm
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(Extract) Roslan was arrested on 18 July 2008 and charged with having trafficked drugs on 14 June 2008 – more than a month ago. At the time of arrest, he did not have any drugs on him.

During the trial Roslan testified that the others had testified against him so as to escape the capital charge. He believed that in the holding cell, the others had “already discussed about this case and they wanted to implicate him”.

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The supporters of this decision to hang Roslan apparently have receded to what they do best. Keep silent. After a little while when Roslan has been executed, they will say, “Lets move on.” I strongly suspect that some pact has been made among the police, prosecutors and judge to sacrifice Roslan because it is the most expedient thing to do. I do not think that they hate him intrinsically but because they have fumbled on to this path, they have to keep at it. They cannot be seen to have blundered on a ramshackle course of police work and judicial decision making. Of course, the cabinet will not want to go against the galloping course of action of their colleague in arms. Their mouthpiece, the President will hardly be able to stay the execution of Roslan.

However, I should like to draw the attention of the cabinet in charge of advising the President that, merely looking at the face of the record comprised in the judge’s written decision will convince the average person that Justice has not been done to Roslan. It is possible that an International tribunal can be persuaded to reopen the case after his execution. I suggest to the Cabinet to save themselves this trouble later on by taking the trouble now to read for themselves Judge Choo’s Written Decision noting the twisted logic of his analytical statements. They ought to do his for themselves. My personal appeal to the Cabinet is not for clemency for Roslan. It is not necessary. But I appeal to the Cabinet to do their duty, read the judge’s words and decide for themselves the course of action they should now take.

Comment by payalebar


They sentenced my brother to death, not on concrete evidence but on the testimonies of other men who incriminated him to save themselves. The police till this day has no evidence that my brother was ever at the scene of the crime. No DNA, no physical evidence, nothing bee found .

on behalf of my family we Thank you for making time to write .
May God bless U and Family.

And may God answer to our prayer


Comment by hanizaimi

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