Tonight, I sighed big time
September 27, 2011, 1:18 am
Filed under: By Rachel Zeng, Singapore

Long lost contact: Hey, what exactly are you?

Me: Erm… a human being? Heh.

Long lost contact: You have strange stuff on your FB wall. What do you do exactly?

Me: Officially, I am an early childhood teacher. Many exciting things have happened since we last kept in touch. Anyway, how are you?

Long lost contact: Oh. Well I am doing great, married now and a housewife la. Kinda like a tai tai hehe hubby don’t feel comfy with me modelling. But then, your FB wall does not tell me you are a teacher hahaha… teacher can be so political one meh? Also did not know that babysitting children needs degree leh.

Me: Well I don’t blame you. Many people do not realise that. Early childhood education is not just about babysitting. 🙂

Long lost contact: Well ok, children are not easy to handle I agree. I should maybe find out more about early childhood before I comment right hehe. But why the politics?

Me: Well I am not a politician. Just happen to want to do something about human rights.

Long lost contact: Why care about other people so much? Like they care about themselves like that. Or as if they will be grateful for what you do.

Me: You know, when one has an opinion or cannot stand by watching certain things happening, one has the choice to go away forever, be frustrated and silent or speak out and do something to improve things. Don’t know about you but this is what I think.

Long lost contact: You are always so determined and opinionated. Then your husband let you do this ah?

Me: Don’t believe in marriage 🙂 am not married, and do not intend to be.

Long lost contact: You have not changed!!! But you are woman leh, I mean, we all need someone to take care of us right?

Me: Is that why you got married in the first place? :s

Long lost contact: aiyah. Women are the weaker sex, we need to balance it with the stronger sex what.

Me: Rubbish. I don’t fall  for that stereotype. Please do not buy the believe that you are weaker just because you are female. Regarding marriage, good for you, at least you seem happy. To each his/ her own but for me, love is about two person existing as individuals on an equal platform, none is a property of the other. I am happy for people who believe in the concept of marriage, and are happy in their marriages.

Long lost contact: You very feminist, salute you! Wish he is less of a control freak lor. We are living with his monster parents, I feel freer with my mum and step dad really. This place is like jail. His mummy wants me to have children quick and I just want to enjoy my married life for awhile leh. So irritating! Then everytime I go out with my galfriends to drink, she complains to hubby and ask him to take me in hand. Like as if he does not go. She thinks that her daughter-in-law should stay home and play mahjong with her. This is so HKTV lor.

Me: Sigh… well, try to improve the situation I guess. That sort of life is not for me.

Long lost contact: Anyway, you get money for doing the human rights stuff?

Me: Nope.I gain more knowledge out of it though and met many inspiring people at the same time.

Long lost contact: THEN WHY YOU DO? aiyoh. How can anyone do things for free like that?

Me: 🙂 We do lead very different lives.

Long lost contact: Hehe just remember me when you get appointed as minister or something lah.

Me: That’s definitely not my path hahahaa but yes, rest assured that you will never be forgotten.

Long lost contact: aiyoh, mother in law asking why I am not asleep yet. Better go, I feel like a kid here. Wish I can suka suka go back to my mum’s place. Anyway, stop doing things for free ok, it is not worth it lah.

Me: Goodnight my friend. 🙂


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I agree with your comments on the status of a woman. Your strong spirit is a blessing. Hold on to it come what may. Cheers.

Comment by pauljktan

I feel the same way as you about marriage, and I feel sorry for your poor friend….oh dear. Being married does not necessarily mean you’ll be happier. Just one of those societal norms they try to push on us.

Comment by bookjunkie

What can we say, without being judgemental? on one hand, someone that seems unable to live the life she likes, on the other hand, a free individual who faces the consequences of her acts.
I like also the comment about giving up an activity which is not profitable…You are right, education is the key.
(Marc. Not my real name but you know me).

Comment by Marc

You are born to be a woman for God’s sake! stop being Le Femme…you are not one! or else you will not born to be Singapore…maybe you should try being reborn in Indonesia or even better, Arab country! stop whinning and pretending to fight for this and that…you are no saints and when you are in country where butter and bread issue is on the table, what teaching are you talking about! surely i shall find no pleasure having any of my children under you child education! is a pile of shit…go get a life and you are no angel nor for any betterment of Singapore, get lost and emigrate to any other country

Comment by ck

Oh I do have a life, thank you very much.

Born to be a woman… So what does that mean? Being born to be a woman = must be willingly suppressed, obedient, sacrifice in the name of husband and family and crap like that? Sorry man, I have a brain and I have my opinions so I voice out, I share them with others BUT I don’t whine. I fight for causes people don’t have time to think about because I feel that they are IMPORTANT and that what’s going on is not right.

Nope I am no saint, I don’t believe in saints. But I know what I want in life and being a subservient wife/ daughter-in-law or mother is not what I see my life doing. I do pity your girlfriend/ wife/ daughter. Actually, you have no right to tell me what to do/ what not to do. You don’t even know me in person and the best judge of my teaching will be my students, their families, my contemporaries and employer, not you. And sorry, I am not about to migrate.

Hahaa I do wonder who is the whiny one here. 🙂

Comment by rachelabsinthe

DKR IS BACK…miss me…? Hmm….CK…u do have a very strong and negative opinion against ladies who are vocal…whats wrong with that..? So what if a person is born female? Does it give her less rights then YOU..? NO…if you say it is bless to be born in Singapore…and not some Arabian or Muslim country…hmm…where in the world are you from..? Some wulu wulu corner of the world..? Do you know? The Saudi King had just given rights to women to vote in local election…opps….i forgot u r from some wulu wulu corner of the world where information come to u like 10..hmm….no 20…WAIT…WRONG…30years slower…opps…if u are staying in singapore then are u using dial up…?well that explained…u got no money to have a proper internet connection…that why u dunno…haiz…anyway bread and butter in the country in singapore…hmm….do u know we are the 4th most expensive city to live in..? wait u should not know this as this news is after the voting news…ha…anw we all know who causes the high level living in singapore, i need not spell it out do i…u see in singapore Poor Also Pay…

Comment by DKR

You are no woman, you are a lesbian & in this fake article, you try to run down a decently simple conversation with a friend & then rub it off as ‘le femme’…you avoided the golden question, are you better off as one woman in a dominated muslim world? just because u are lucky to be one Singapore butchy bitch, with some education, you advocate others to be like you?you spam your idealogy across all segment of your ‘influence’ including your child teaching! WE SHALL BE WATCHING YOU and SINGAPORE is better off without a butchy bitch like you, and yes, get a life, I pity so much for your parents~! & you do not need to worry anything of my daughter and/or wife…at least they have a real life and a real of being female, you ain’t one! & regarding your faking dialogue with this lady, name her out loud as you have fought the cause liken drug dealers awaiting to be hanged, why coward out & your timing of this article is in response to LKY dialogue session in NTU? i will have no qualm to put you into ISA bracket for incide of ‘le femme’, lucky u still have democracy in Singapore…in other country i shall have you stone to death and naked u on the street!

Comment by ck

Who is lesbian? Oh my, then truly, you know nothing about me and my life so why don’t you just fuck off to your ignorant MCP world that views all feminists as lesbians? I am all for objective and intellectual discussions but the fact that you know nothing about me and pretend to know things about me just because of the things I talk about simply pisses me off.

By the way, you homophobic piece of shit, there is NO DEMOCRACY in Singapore thanks to people like you.

Oh and why should I name this person I was talking to when she gave me permission to put this up on my blog but on the condition that I don’t put her name? She has the right to remain anonymous.

And hey, you know what they do to drug dealers? No they don’t hang them. They put them in jail under Section 55 of the Temporary Provisions Act which is renewable every 5 years and chances of them being released after 5 years are high, because the real drug dealers leave no traces, no evidence, but send drug mules to do their jobs for them. Do you even know about the investigation process? Why don’t you question why Burma’s biggest drug lord Lo Hsing Han and his son Steven Law gets to do business here? If Singapore is so against drug dealers, then they will never allow drug lords like Lo and Law to operate here.

Please, do read your facts before you throw mud at any random people. I think you are the one who needs a life… and probably research. I feel sorry for you, because you have seriously discredited yourself by not checking your facts.

Comment by rachelabsinthe

Oh CK, did you just step out of the time machine after travelling from a distant past?

Your backwardness, narrow mindedness and misogyny serve as a great example of how PAP’s education system have failed us.

Why are you bitching about this lady not revealing her friend’s identity when you’re taking potshots behind a fake name? Is that your manliness showing?

Comment by KX

Hi CK, Lesbian…? Well that is a personal attack…well if u want to go into personal attack then well…ok first of all…the owner of the blog can sue u for this allegation which is baseless…and by calling other people bitch…well it shows that u are an uneducated and uncivilized person….and I do feel sad for ur parents…and ur family.,.u have just brought shame to them…wait a min im not any female…i am a 100% GUY…if you want to say..i henpeck or sth please think again…i RESPECT the women around me…i dont go around telling people im a man so u must listen to me…well if u say a female dont get married means not a REAL WOMEN…well do u know Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu or better known as Mother Teresa is not married..? She is one of the most respected person in the world even after her passing in Sept 1997…well how would you have known u r using dial up that is so slow that u must have missed this info…well…sad to say….and saying people faking a dialogue…well…sir if the blogger is so good can go SBC (well must say something of your level ah)…well the reason i see not to mention the other party name is not to protect the person BUT RESPECT the person…can u be THAT DUMB…? Maybe..maybe..and timing of the article in response to LKY…? Hmm…it is like 2 weeks after LKY dialogue so whats the link..? It maybe coincidence dude…learn the word yeah…and what include ISA for le femme…hmm…u serious…? And stoning to death…dude…the ONLY people that can stone someone to death is the person without sins…are you someone without sin…? ARE U A SAINT…? No need to answer me you know it yourself ok…and democracy…hmm…did you know…Singapore had became the joke in the world with our recent u didnt know…dial up mah…inform gap…so u better go back to ur wulu wulu corner…upgrade ur internet connection and then come back yeah…good night sweet dreams…and im your worst nightmare…

Comment by DKR

I dare you to make ‘public statement’ about the democracy system of Singapore especially to your commenting about the drug dealers doing business here in Singapore…as far as “mules” are concerned, regardless, the dealing in drugs are known to be dealers and that’s it! regarding section 55, you are very shallow in knowing the rule of laws…in any case, I challenge you to make public statement of this government and or the system of Singapore allowing drug DEALERS to do business in Singapore and that this government with knowledge is doing nothing about it, since you have a cause of concern and a champion for drug dealers awaiting to be hanged (of their own doings), other wise, you are a empty vessel and still a butchy bitc

Comment by ck

You are the one who comes here without any form of research in hand, barking one allegation after another without a basis, and without knowing me in person. Had you done your research, you will actually know that what I have mentioned are not news. Had you done your research, you might have realised that I have said this many times, on my blog and especially when giving interviews to the media and students doing research. What I have said are based on RESEARCH, and I am blogging here with a face, my real name and the authorities know who I am, where I stay.

And actually, if you USE YOUR BRAIN a little more, open your eyes a little wider, you will actually see that democracy does not exist in this country.

As for you, you are just here on a personal agenda to annoy me. But sorry, I don’t take anonymous trolls seriously. Your comments here have already proven that you are the empty vessel. I see no more reason in engaging in any sort of conversations with you. But don’t worry, you are free to comment. I will definitely continue to approve your comment unless they are vulgar or racist. I will just not spend time replying to you, because I am way too busy to entertain you.

Hey but remember, you are the anonymous one here without no face and no real name. If you want to insult someone, use your real face please.

(But, I have your I.P. address, so it is ok. In a way, I kind of already know who you are.)

Comment by rachelabsinthe

Mr Uncivilized CK….hmmm…well is drug dealer really at fault…REALLY…? REALLY..?? REALLY?!!?? wanna to throw law here…haiz…wait *clap clap…well that is the only thing im impressed here…hmm…have u studied in business…? Oh….oh…i forgot…you are uneducated ah…well then let this kor kor teach u a thing or 2…free of charge ah…well there is this thing in business world call supply and demand…if there is no demand there is no supply…so is it totally the drug dealer fault…? No…anyway u r a druggie too…dun tell me u have nv taken a single drug in ur life… anyway do you know there are legal drug dealer in singapore…? bet u didnt know…coz dial up ah…by the time u get ur hands on intel….they are alrd outdated….HAHA…empty vessel….an uneducated person calling an educated person empty vessel…dude u know the meaning a not….? haiz….go check ur wulu wulu dictionary or use ur super slow dial up n check ok…dun any how use ah…

Love DKR…LOL….

Comment by DKR

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