A post in reply to those who have emailed me lately
November 27, 2011, 12:07 am
Filed under: By Rachel Zeng

Recently I was asked about my lack of comments on various issues on my blog and clarifications regarding whether I am anti-MDP only or anti-DP as a whole so I am taking this brief moment to do so.

1. First of all, thank you for all the feedback. Some of you are concerned that I might have gotten into deep shit, that is why I am hardly blogging. That’s not true. Nothing can stop me from doing so.

I am terrible busy and am often away from the computer because I am currently working full-time and studying at night. There are deadlines to rush and I am keeping my energy for what’s going on offline – the campaigns and events. At the moment, I am trying to take some time to help a friend of mine promote his book (Singapore Sucks!) so this is why you see more info about that than anything else recently.

2. Am I anti-MDP only or anti-DP? – I have always maintained that I am anti-death penalty and in fact, I did that right from the very beginning of my involvement. The reason why we talk about MDP in our campaigns all these while is because of the cases we have on hand, as approached by the family members but SADPC has always maintained that we are for the abolishment of the death penalty as a whole. We do not campaign for the cases we do not know about, and many Singaporean families are still wary of the attention that may result from campaigning (even for some MDP cases) so we do not highlight what we do for these cases in public (yes, even the MDP cases). Not every action, every letter that we do and write has to be publicised. However, not every blog post or declarations are being read, and hence the opinion that we may have not been ‘honest’ about our stand. Do a check, I have never said that I am just anti-MDP.

3. Some have written to me asking if I will still be anti-DP if my family members are being stabbed to death and the answer is YES YES YES. Two deaths do not make one right and for those who have written to threaten me with hurt towards my family members or myself, they have all been duely noted and archived. Thank you for the unnecessary attention.

4. For those who are jeering by the side, I am not asking you to stop. For those who write me anonymous, obscene and threatening emails, I suggest that you should find better things to do in your life because although your emails are annoying, they do not stop me from doing what I do or change my opinions on things.

I understand that it is easy to criticise and call people names while remaining anonymous. Try saying it to me or my fellow activists when you see us next time. Maybe we will respect you more for what you do, even if you are being an armchair critic. 🙂



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