Media release: 400 copies of Singapore Sucks! have been held from entering Singapore
December 12, 2011, 11:58 pm
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(Update – 17 Dec 2011): The organizers of the “Singapore Sucks!” book launch appreciates that the MDA has come forth with a statement in My Paper dated 16th December 2011, to address the issues raised.

MDA has stated that their decision to review the book is due to a “discrepancy in titles”, which is in concordance to our earlier understanding. We are actively working on compliance with MDA’s processes a…nd are pending some clarifications from them.

Additionally, we are pleased to learn that copies of the book are once again available at Kinokuniya outlets, and we shall continue working hard to bring it to a bookshop near you.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank thank everyone for the heartwarming support that came from all quarters when news of this issue broke.

We hereby dedicate the book to all Singaporeans and hope you have as much fun reading it as we had in bringing it to you.

(Update – 14 Dec 2011): The organisers of the Singapore Sucks! Book Launch have just received notice that all 400 copies have been allowed passage into Singapore and have arrived safely at the book importer’s premises.

Additionally, MDA has requested for one copy of Singapore Sucks! to be sent to them for review.

The organisers are prepared… to cooperate with MDA’s due processes and as such will be sending over to them a copy as per their request.

However, since Kinokuniya has removed the books from their shelves based on earlier developments, the organisers will be seeking additional clarifications as to whether sales can still go on locally during this interim period.

(Update – 13 Dec 2011): Copies of Singapore Sucks! have been taken down from the bookshelves at Kinokuniya. A Kinokuniya employee who declined to be named confirmed that ‘MDA is investigating’.”

12 December 2011

The organisers of the book launch for Singapore Sucks! were informed that MDA (Media Development Authority) has contacted the book importer who was supposed to take delivery of the 400 copies of Singapore Sucks!.

The copies were expected to arrive on Thursday, the 8th of December, to faciliate the launch on the 11th. However, all 400 copies have been held back from entering Singapore since Thursday.

The organisers were not privy to the conversation between the book importer and MDA, but understand that the title has attracted MDA’s attention, and approval has not yet been granted to allow passage of the books into Singapore. The organisers were also informed that MDA might be paying bookseller Kinokuniya, who has been selling Singapore Sucks! for the past few months, a visit. The organisers are not dismissing the possibility that Singapore Sucks! may be removed from the shelves.


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well done Singapore! not only that…we shall continue to monitor and activate neccessary steps to make sure you apply by the rule of laws and obey the laws.just because u are an activist does not warrant you to be so cocky and bossy against the system of Singapore especially with a bitch like u!

Comment by moniter

1. This book is FICTION.

2. Singa Crew is not an activist.

3. Thank you for your comment, which only shows your eagerness to slam activists for whatever little reasons you may have, which I can see aren’t related to your ‘concern’ about Singapore.

Thank you very much.

P.S: Calling me names will not cause me a single dent. Grow up, Mister Coward who hides behind a moniker and using Tor. I’d probably take you more seriously if you have a real face and name.

Comment by rachelabsinthe

oh no ! the world is coming to an end !

Comment by johor news

As absurd as this is (for the book is fiction), the world will not come to an end… yet. Sarcasm noted however, but I am just helping to publicise the news.

Comment by rachelabsinthe

If I were you Rachel, drop a line to that Brotherhood fellow, you know the talkative fellow. They will just print it in virtual paper, distribute it with virtual space ships, sell it in virtual bookshops.

Now that MDA has promoted the book. They will be very interested, as its a guaranteed success. Before this happened, I dont think they will be that interested.

Dont flame me, just a very friendly suggestion.

Comment by Janice Pang Tze Ling. Bukit Batok

I am personally not interested in contacting the Brotherhood but if Singa Crew is, he should. This is his book afterall.

Comment by rachelabsinthe

MDA is just one of those that makes Singapore Sucks.

Comment by Saycheese

The Brotherhood!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you mad! Yes, they are very good at distribution, there is no doubt abt that, they have a huge underground network that even we Chinese are jealous and wished we had. However, it must be emphasized, their readers come from predominantly the International gaming networks only. I am from China, Had problems publishing my books. I approached them. They distributed it. But I was paid in useless money that I can only use in their gaming networks. When I told them that I wanted to convert it into real money. They said, there was a surcharge of 50% and an additional fee of 30% for expenses. By the time I got paid I got only one tenth of the proceeds and I had to run around all over the place. Part of the money was paid in the form of blue mountain coffee. But I can vouch they are very gung ho. When our Chinese authorities confronted them in the virtual to stop what they were doing. They refused to talk to them unless they bought something from them, so they sold them a space station for quite a big sum of real money. When the space station was commissioned in the virtual, they blew it up and asked them more money to fix it. This was a very big incident in China and everyone was laughing at our government for getting mixed up with these strange people, very funny people you have in Singapore running the gaming industry.

Comment by chinasyndrome

1. I don’t care about the brotherhood.
2. I am not the writer of the book, please write your sales pitch to Singa Crew.

Comment by rachelabsinthe

The title is as “catchy” as The Ugly Chinaman and will probably raise eyebrows if not ruffle feathers. MDA does not normally act unless someone disturbs their slumber. Someone must have complained and I’m not sure if he/she/they have actually read the book. I wonder what the book is all about.

Comment by Chan Joon Yee

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