What a patronising comment about netizens
March 5, 2012, 12:27 am
Filed under: By Rachel Zeng, Singapore

Ms Josephine Teo said this, referring to “netizens” – “They don’t necessarily know that there are grants available from HDB.”

Now now, “netizens” are Singaporeans, many of whom are well read about this issue or are at least aware about HDB grants. Some of them I personally know, have already gone through the experience of applying for HDB flats. Who does she think we are, 6 year old Singaporeans who happened to have internet access?

Oh come on…

Hey but I would like to clarify one thing here: I do know for a fact that the grant is for first time applicants of flat ownership, no? Please correct me if I am wrong.

By the way I am just pondering… if a person earns $1K per month, it does not mean that the person takes home $1K. If the person earning that $1K per month is the sole breadwinner of the household, then it is not really possible to pay even $100/ 200 per month for a flat right?


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How r we to know anything when they regularly make the simple mysterious? How many taxpayers know what GIC is invested in? Your guess is as good as mine.

Comment by Yenyen

the repayment seemed to come from cpf contributions alone. no cash is needed.

but, my point is it is for a two rooms flat. i am not sure how desirable a two rooms flat is to a newly married couple. imagine inviting others to your 2 rooms flat?

to illustrate the point on affordability, tharman shoud have used a three rooms flat instead.

Comment by howie

You are a retard. It befits your proud label of a “netizen”.

Comment by Omg

I am terribly sorry that my opinions have wasted your time but honestly, my blog is intended for people who are interested to share their opinions and engage in meaningful discussions (whether one agrees or disagrees with the views presented here).

Your comment, if it was intended to hurt me, has failed and it does nothing to bring any extra points upon your failing intellect. Kindly bring your childish behaviour elsewhere.

Comment by rachelabsinthe

I know how hard it is to own a home. I recently had to move out of our flat as we could not afford it anymore, and the only ‘advice’ given to me from both our ministers and HDB is to move to a 2 room flat. Yes, all seven of us (back then). I’m earning enough now to scrape through every month, but this is purely an insult to those earning that small amount (this includes my mum and dad). It’s really hard to even afford your monthly bare necessities here- let alone to own a flat?
Completely ridiculous.

Comment by Amirah

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