Bukit Brown – Don’t destroy a single bit of it, especially not in the name of urbanisation
March 26, 2012, 2:06 am
Filed under: Bukit Brown, By Rachel Zeng, Singapore

I am not an ancestor worshipper nor am I an idol worshipper. However I do believe that nature, history and heritage as well as the resting place of the dead should be respected and preserved, not destroyed. Especially not in the name of urbanisation.

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Though respect and honoring our ancestorship is good tradition, due to scarcity of space especially in Singapore, buried may become a “pass habit: and “new habits” or rules will come in with “wisdom also to maintain respecting and honoring our ancestorship” by fire cremation where ashes are collected in urn and place photograph high in a respect clean place at home or at church or temples for yearly or anniversary or anytime visit and prayers! Man made rules can bend as times changes its environmental and intellectual interception and of course with group analysis, justice and moral teachings values discussed before implementation of new rules.
However, a lover of nature and showing respect to our ancestors, try to preserve all these pain-staking or intellectual ideas of our ancestors and maintain history for the younger generation but with space constrain value…………….no choice, if your ancestor tomb is affected, then change to cremation while those that are inner, then preseve them as historical venue as all men are borne equal in God’s heart…..nothing to debate about who should go and who should remain at the cemetary but strict BIG PICTURE – space allowance base on justification too!

Comment by Melynde Jinny Ng

Land is not scarce because of our size. If so, why are there so many golf courses, country clubs and commercial developments? Honestly, I am sick of the argument that land is scarce here. It isn’t.

Comment by rachelabsinthe

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