Statement in Support of SKLO
June 10, 2012, 3:24 am
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This is a statement of Faith, Hope and Love

Faith – We applaud the creativity and ingenuity of Samantha Lo, aka SKLO. She has given us renewed faith that people in Singapore are not humourless,non-creative robotic individuals.

Love – We love the tongue-in-cheek stickers that have never failed to bring smiles onto our faces.

Hope – We hope that her work will not be considered vandalism, but a creative form of public service that has brought about much laughter to passer-bys who stumble upon her work. Her work has also made our streets more colourful and interesting, which is one of the many purposes of street art.

Thus,instead of applying harsh punishment, we should celebrate her humour and creativity as well as the very existence of street art in Singapore. In the pursuit of making Singapore into an arts hub,we should embrace such forms of artistic expression which brings out light-hearted positivity in us. ♥

Statement released by: Press To Support SKLO

Read about the arrest here.

Sign the petition here.


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Dear Rachel,

I am totally disgusted at the action of this judge for not revoking bail for this vietnamese lady who is allegedly a drug trafficker and human trafficking according to interpol. See the link below. And the judge says the interpol report is irrelevant to the woman’s case. This is a nation which hangs small time drug carriers with impunity and a disregard for proportion when it comes to sentencing.

Dont give up the fight Rachel….

Comment by Ransom Soh

There can only be one brand of “not so talented” in spore.

Her stickers made me smile. 10 years down the road the Tourist Board will have a STICKER campaign.

Comment by JEFFGOH

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