In solidarity with my friend, fellow campaigner and lawyer, M Ravi
July 19, 2012, 1:12 am
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Ever since I’ve known him, Ravi has always been a person filled with so much passion and love for life and all of us around him. Indeed he is not perfect, the way no human being in the world is, but he is one who puts his heart and soul in all that he does.

I met up with Ravi earlier tonight, and although he was really cheerful in the company of friends, I could see that he was very much affected by what Law Society, or rather, legal representative of Law Society Mr Wong Siew Hong tried to do to him recently (ref: here and here). Despite the jokes, laughter and smiles however, Ravi’s deepest emotions were very apparent to me. He is not one who often cries in public but as a friend and fellow campaigner, I understand how hurt and depressed Ravi feels deep down. I salute him for braving all of these with dignity and appreciate the way he tries to assure us that things are alright so as to ease our worries.

On his behalf, I would like to appeal to lawyers, fellow Singaporeans, friends and fellow members of civil society to come down to Speakers’ Corner this coming Sunday (22 July) for the event Merdeka Day happening from 4 to 8pm, to join him in sending out the following messages:

1. For members of the legal profession: Come together to voice out against the Law Society’s and Mr Wong’s actions;

2. For Singaporeans: To stand in solidarity as one, to appeal to the IMF not to accept the loan by the Singapore government, which was granted without prior consultation with President Tony Tan;

3. For friends from civil society: Let’s join our hands in solidarity with Ravi, giving him the support that he currently needs;

4: For everyone: Come party together and enjoy Ravi’s classical dance performance.

Apart from that, Ravi will also address the crowd to express his opinions on what has happened. Come and hear what he has to say, come together to show him your encouragement, support and solidarity.

See you on Sunday! 🙂

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So Rachel, are you happy now that you have helped to give him the proverbial rope?

With frens like you, Ravi doesn’t need any enemies.

What he did on Sunday cannot be good at advancing the important causes represented by hs cases.

Comment by Concerned Observer

Just to clarify, Ravi was the organiser and we were told to publicise. We did not know exactly what he was going to do although he gave us a brief outline. There ARE many things you do not understand. And I will also prefer not to elaborate publicly.

Comment by rachelabsinthe

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