August 20, 2012, 4:30 am
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Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign

The National Solidarity Party (NSP) and Think Centre (TC) have come together to organise a public consultation to discuss the proposed changes to the mandatory death penalty announced on 9 July. The following are the details provided on their event page on Facebook:

Apart from catalyzing public discourse on the proposed changes, the organisers aim to gather and present feedback from this public consultation to the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Law for their consideration.

These are some questions which we will be discussing at the forum:

1) Are the proposed changes significant enough?
2) How effective is the mandatory death penalty as a deterrent?
3) Are the proposed reforms too stringent, causing only a small minority of cases to benefit?

The speaker line-up for this event includes:

1. Professor Walter Woon
David Marshall Professor of Law, Centre for International Law, NUS
Former Attorney-General (2008-2010)

Topic: How…

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I am in the luxury of an airport lounge and came across your article about ‘death penalty’ in Singapore…i have stayed there for a while; a very nice and peaceful country, with low crimes and very safe for adults and children alike; especially so for the ladies…why are you all spending time to change consitution which is good for the country and that even country like AMERICA is hoping to emulate? frankly, with deterrent comes obedience of complying with and within the law, such that if you dismiss the rule of it, then many interpretation or each one’s own explanation suffice the ‘freedom’ for the crime that is commited? and such is the welcoming to challenge and even entice to commit the crime (of drugs) since the weighing of benefits (such like good monies to be earned) as opposed to the punishment that shall be meted. Suriously speaking, do not rock the peace that Singapore had enjoyed over many years just because a selected few chose to belief what “values” of interpretation that you carry, there is no end to this belief as each will have their own belief and can you really run a country like this? LEE KUAN YEW has done many good things for Singapore and if you think there is still no democracy in Singapore, think again of some of your extreme postings in this blog…good luck to you little lady of small structure but big ambition of fame.

Comment by sukarno G

Hi Sukarno G

Thank you for taking time to read my blog from Bangkok (so says your I.P address, indicated by WordPress) and I would like to clarify that although I disagree with what you have mentioned there, I do respect your right to hold your opinions. However, America is definitely not hoping to emulate what we have in Singapore, please do not begin lying to readers of this blog.

Also, you are definitely wrong about my “big ambition of fame”. Sorry to disappoint you but I am doing all of this (with great personal obstacles which you cannot even imagine) because I genuinely care about the issue. True, there is democracy here, but it only exists when it comes to consumerism. The fact that my blog exists, says a lot about the lack of real democracy in Singapore. Due to the lack of democratic platforms available (yea, Speakers’ Corner, but not all issues are allowed), I have to use this as an advocacy tool besides the initial intention of having it as a place to share my opinions and learn about the opinions of others through discussions. Also, you have underestimated the government’s strategy. In order to build Singapore as a global hub for this and that, where citizens from other countries come and go as they live and work here, they have no choice but to allow socio-political blogs to go on. Moreover, the reach of socio-political blogs, especially mine, reach only a certain number of people out of the whole population in Singapore who have access to technology and who happen to be interested in socio-political issues, my blog is merely a harmless space that does nothing to create a dent in whatever they are doing.

You think too highly of me, but at the same time, assume my intentions in a negative manner. And I sense from your comment that you might have bumped into me in person and to be honest, I do know a few people who are currently working or residing in Bangkok. One of them has a malicious trait of slandering people online (political parties and some people in civil society) under the guise of another name. Well yes, I am assuming too but you write too similarly to that person and if you are that person, do consider writing in a different style.

Comment by rachelabsinthe

you coward out now on the ISD issue? and also not fighting any more about the rally even though champion it? we are watching you and soon you shall be the next to enter the cell..believe I will PERSONALLY give you a very very good treatment!

Comment by CCD

Hahahahaa if you are ISD and if you are really “watching me”, you will know that I am busy with work and rushing off to classes after work. You will also know about what I do during my weekends and who I hang out with. Your very reply indicates a very lame attempt to invoke fear. Well you know, next time try harder. 😉

Comment by rachelabsinthe

sure we know what you are doing and that is why we say we are watching you…is good that you have coward out and that is what we wanted, just be follower and not a bitch, unless you want to drink coffee in my office, fear? you ain’t see one yet and trust me, you will know what fear is when the time is due and if you understand fear, you shall not be a bitch, check it out with your maxist team mates and we mean business!

Comment by CCD

Grow up. 🙂

Sorry but the real ISD doesn’t work this way. Neither do they comment with a traceable ID.

Comment by rachelabsinthe

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