On National Defence Duty, suggested by Hri Kumar Nair
February 20, 2013, 12:58 am
Filed under: By Rachel Zeng, Singapore
MP Hri Kumar Nair(Photo from Asiaone, who took it from ST)

MP Hri Kumar Nair
(Photo from Asiaone, who took it from ST)

“National Defence Duty” is a such a thoughtless idea.

“In short, we do duty, they pay a duty,” he wrote, according to this report on Asiaone.

Well dearest Hri Kumar, time spent serving National Service and its subsequent cycles of reservist can never be equated to any amount of money so I do have an issue with the justification that “we do duty, they pay duty”. Or perhaps I am still clueless about the “fact” that human time and effort is really no different from money. Should that be the case, can someone kindly enlighten me here?

And since we are on the topic of National Service, I would like to put it down on record that I am for the abolition of conscription, replacing it with a professional home defence team that anyone who would like to, can be part of. Yes, regardless of gender, race and religion. That will scrap the concept that $400 or so a month is acceptable “allowance”, just because one is doing National Service.

Yes that pretty much sums up my perspective on conscription but I am not expecting anyone to agree with me here because many people think that the idea is too “radical” although the same people often bring up the issue of NS when women’s rights are being raised. :p

(Yes I understand, I am so in trouble.)

So, have anyone watched Ah Boys to Men yet?


Anyway, do take the following poll! It’s just for fun, and I hope it is able to control the amount of times one can vote… hahahaa…


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Dear Rachel,

Kumar’s silly idea reflects the money faced ideology of the present ruling party.

2 year NS (and annual in camp training) in its present form puts at great disadvantage the young men of our society. Instead of raising a family and concentrating on their careers, they waste valuable time in the Army. Perhaps 1 year is enough. We dont need an army but a citizen’s civil force trained in defense matters. This will help to reduce the dreaded 2 year NS comitmment.

Its sad because as it is the people who really benefit from the security which NS provides are the rich capitalist mongers who have their billions invested in Spore. The working class NS, who struggles everyday to make ends meet and who will die in poverty is actually propping up a well financed elite who can afford to send their kids overseas for vacations and study.

Comment by Peace

Are we giving them $16,000 a month to talk nonsense…Must well give the $16,000 to the NS boys..

Comment by oute

Dignity is Priceless ! Wether one is rich or poor, one should stll entitle to ones dignity. It can not be bought !

Comment by Hsq

I like your suggestion to abolition conscription and use only professional soldiers. However, if this is not going to happen, then it would be better for both sexes to serve NS so that the service period can be shortened to say 1 year or less.

Comment by JT

I was in regular service. I’m not for scrapping NS. My opinion is that our NS can be more meaningful and effective. Most people I come across avoided NS because they find it such a waste of time doing something they cannot associate meaning to it.
So often we get the ‘everyone’s doing it’, ‘it’s for the defence of our puny little country etc. How much of our NS training is focused on National Education? How many NSF understands what it means when we say we are a vulnerable country? My dad made it simple to me – a bully has no fear taking on a puny person but holds reservation should the victim hold a knife.
My peers were upset with NS because they’re always rushing to wait and waiting to rush. Do this, do that, no questions ask. What did they really learn? How did NS contribute to the building or defence of our country? End of their 2 years, Serve And F******, we’re told.
I was fortunate in that my NCO during Basic Military Training set the basics right. He’s always telling us not to go through motion. He explained every single tasks we were supposed to learn and why we’re doing it. He shared with us his experience, from a gangster to a soldier. How he was humbled by having to wash the barracks with a single toothbrush. How he viewed regular soldiers from other countries when he had joint exercises with them. He took us seriously, not some digits there simply to fulfill a national obligation.
I’m still for NS but MINDEF, please don’t go through motion and make a mockery of NS.

Comment by ape@kinjioleaf

Instead of us doing NS, can we employ FTs to take over the duty so that we can all spend time saving baby lives or helping our TFR?

Comment by Saycheese

I will support NS only if,

1) White Knights are abolished,

2) SAF Scholarships are abolished (this is just a special door to enable their selected elites to enjoy NS on accelerated / short cut basis and get triple promotions etc.) Government scholarships should come from other organisations that do not allow selected elites / white knights to enjoy special benefits during NS. The current PM was the first reason SAF scholarships and white knights were established and look what we got!!! An incompetent PM promoted beyond his capability and so, his assistants and surrounding Ministers are specially selected to ensure no one shows him up . What a joke.

3) NS is not missued as it was in the past when construction workers were not enough. NS conscripts were inducted into the CONSTRUCTION BRIGADE. What a joke! NS being missued to make up for an inadequate ability to find construction workers! The government of that time and those who approved this scheme should be jailed for missuse of NS Laws!

4) Promotions & advancements of NS Men & Regular Army soldiers are not based on academic and pre-determined career paths. Some of Singapore’s best soldiers have resigned / left because of the incompetent Elites that were promoted beyond their capabilities.

5) Soldiers are paid the same & regular army personnel. The state has to budget for this and save on some of the ridiculous arms purchases.

6) NS training has to incorporate at least 30% of the time for academic pursuits be it technical or College education so that Men leaving the army go directly into the 2nd year of higher / technical education and lose only 1 year instead of 2 years. The elites & white knights do not lose out the years spent in the army because they get time to complete their education and the accelerated promotions get them triple speed career leaps over their peers. They benefit while the rest of NS men lose out to their women peers and especially to them. What an unfair system!

There are more points but the above are enough!

Comment by SingaporeSpring2016

Sorry, All Male PRs MUST SERVE NS, the same as locals unless they are above the age of 45.

(My website should be http://www.singaporespring2016.blogspot.com)

Comment by SingaporeSpring2016

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