February 25, 2013, 1:12 am
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A piece of old news but because I have been busy, I have forgotten to share this here.

Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign

By K.c. Vijayan
The Straits Times
Tuesday, Jan 01, 2013

SINGAPORE – They were facing certain death by hanging, but may now get a lifeline as changes to the mandatory death penalty kick in from Jan 1.

A key plank in the amendments to the Penal Code, Criminal Procedure Code as well as the Misuse of Drugs Act will give these prisoners an opportunity to introduce new evidence to prove that they satisfy the new conditions for a life sentence instead of death.

In Singapore, a life sentence lasts for a prisoner’s natural life, but he can apply for a review of his sentence after he has served 20 years in jail.

The Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) told The Sunday Times on Friday that the changes would affect 32 inmates on death row, whose appeals had been dealt with previously.

The amended laws provide a chance for these prisoners to apply…

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Thanks, Ms Rachel Zeng for continuing to forward me articles of our common interests, like this one—on the ST’s report by Mr KC Vijan on the subject matter.  I had read about it too. 

It had been worth our efforts to fight for the life of Yong Vui Kong to be spared death.  We are very appreciative of the gallant lawyer Mr M Ravi for working so hard and passionately on Yong’s case.  But without wise and caring ministers like DPM Teo and Mr K Shanmugam to read and react positively to the pulse of people like us on such issues,  it would be an extremely difficult, if not impossible task that we are advocating for.

But it is only half the battle won.  The other half would be for Yong to have a chance for a good education in Changi Prison once his death sentence is commuted to life imprisonment,  so that when it is time for him to be released, he will have completed his education and make himself useful for a meaningful role in life outside prison. So we still have work to do—to encourage him from time to time to keep him climbing his learning curve.

So “Inspire us, O Lord, to be thankful to Thee for Thy favours to us and our loved ones to do good deeds which will please Thee.  Admit us, through Thy mercy, to be among Thy righteous.”  (An-Naml 27:19)  “For the noblest in ALLAH’s sight is he/she who is the most righteous. (Al-Hujurat 49:13).  Ameen!

Mr Oh Tham Eng


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