Straits Times, yet again.
May 27, 2013, 1:50 am
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Migraine plagued me the whole of Sunday so I went out for a walk in the evening, away from my laptop. I should have gone to bed the moment I came home but my fingers seemed to have a life of their own and in a minute, my laptop was alive and kicking. Now, the first thing I came face to face with was the following image that was first published by the ST:


Well, I read the description of the first photograph with my brows raised so high up that I believe that they nearly dropped. Yes, I was one of those who “harassed people” who have been “identified as police officers” and have posted their photographs on Facebook. So did my friends, who were there with their powerful DSLR cameras. Martyn See posted videos of him trying to enter into conversations with two of the police officers on Facebook, which went viral. So what? This is our way of saying that we are not intimidated.

By the way, they were indeed police officers and I am sure that reporters at ST are well aware of it so my recommendation is that they just admit it. Either that or prove to us that they are not because one does not simply put words onto a piece of paper for national circulation without some form of journalistic research.

I have one question for ST and their wonderful counterparts in the mainstream media and that is,

“When activists and members of civil society got harassed by agents who we believe to be from the police force, why have you never written anything about our harassment?”

The answer is obvious: You are all part of the propaganda machinery.

Oh just one more thing: There is a difference between a “protest” and a “solidarity gathering”. What Jolovan organised was not a protest, but a solidarity gathering. Thank you very much.


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Of course if the police were told to stop keeping close tabs on everyone, there would be mass unemployment in the Lyin’ City. There are so many of them. Such is their fear. Sadly for the PAP leadership, they have become victims of their own repression.

Comment by Alan Shadrake

Rachel, I thought you guys were so proud of ‘harassing’ the policemen. If so, why do you seem so upset that the MSM report what you (childishly) did?

You should be happy over the free publicity (over your childishness). 😉

Comment by Bryan Ti

Bryan Ti, you are missing the point. I was clearly not upset by the mere fact that they “reported” it. I was commenting on the fact that they seem to dumb down everything by reporting it in a simplistic way, together with a dismissive attitude.

You are free to judge our actions as childish, I don’t really care. 😉

Comment by rachelabsinthe

must be full moon or almost so, last nite…lol

Comment by TH Tan

OMG OMG! There are people who will take pictures of attending such events and post it on FB, YouTube etc? Ape better comb its hair. Please let ape know before you snap so ape may post.
BTW, has any of the alleged police with their faces posted in FB step up and deny they are police? Maybe you are really mistaken . Perhaps they were actually ST reporters who are not too happy that no credit is given to them?

Comment by ape@kinjioleaf

Ape, they are plainclothes police. We observed their arrivals, we know which cars they came in, we observed the way they communicated to each other and we saw them taking close-up shots of the attendees, including children. They are around all the time during our events and it is nothing new, but at that particular one, their prescence was prominent and they were rude.

Comment by rachelabsinthe

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