#FreeMyInternet – My “speech”
Due to my convocation, I was only able to reach Hong Lim Park close to 6pm, just in time to hear Andrew Loh read out the following on my behalf:
As an individual who believes that the freedom of opinions and expression as well as free access to information are part of our basic fundamental rights, I would like to voice out against the new licensing regime imposed by MDA. 
It is not about the fear of being censored, as the mainstream media has been trying to imply in their reports regarding this issue. It is about having an authority controlling over a space that belongs to all of us. It is about the power that an authority has given itself to request that newsites remove articles that are of “bad taste” within 24 hours upon notice. 

Personally, I do not believe that any authority should be given that power to define and decide for us, information or opinions that are safe or harmful.  In fact, should anyone have any problems with the article(s) they have come across, they should speak up against it or share their own perspectives. This is how free speech works. Only through the process of being exposed to different perspectives, a society progresses intellectually. Since we do not get that from our mainstream media, or through our education system, we should do our brains a huge favour by letting the opinions remain as diverse as they can online. With that, I maintain the stand that the whole licensing regime should be dropped.

Thank you for sharing my thoughts at the event, Andrew!

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Hattip to you Rachel.

Comment by Reddotsg

Thank you!

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