The mother accused of murdering her nine-year-old son in West Coast has been found to be of sound mind.
June 25, 2013, 12:07 am
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Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign

SADPC is very concerned about the following case and will be following it together with We Believe in Second Chances, Think Centre and members of civil society who are equally concerned.


SINGAPORE: The mother accused of murdering her nine-year-old son in West Coast has been found to be of sound mind.

Rebecca Loh Chui Lai allegedly caused the death of Gabriel Loh, who was found lying unconscious at the foot of a block of flats at West Coast Road on 1 June.

The boy was declared dead shortly after 7pm, less than an hour after he was sent to the National University Hospital (NUH).

It is understood that the boy attended a special needs school.

On Monday, the court heard that Loh was remanded for psychiatric assessment and was found to be of sound mind.

The prosecution said the 31-year-old is fit for court proceedings.

She has been remanded…

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There are so many questions that need to be answered. Where is the father? Where are the other family members? What life challenges are faced by Rebecca and her son? What pushed her over the edge and did the unthinkable? Last but not least, does death penalty has to be mandatory, not matter how heinous a crime seems to be?

Comment by ape@kinjioleaf

By the child’s surname,it looks like the father must have abandoned them before birth.Poor Rebecca must have experienced the joy of parenthood to be a strong woman and soldiered on to brought up the son.If only society cares,listens and accepts them,if only RC’s karaoke system is cleared for a space for them,If only her MP comes with a clean ear and compassion heart,If only RC members goes for a eye transplant to see to empathise with them.If only hearing aid is provided free for MPS helpers,If only singaporeans stop to think,What if…their plight has been highlighted because of our social responsibility?Did she call Comcare @1800-222-0000 before the desperate act?Let’s voice out before it hits us.There are too many Rebeccas blowing in the wind out there.

Comment by HPL awakening

Not many ppl know how to call comcare. The benefits and welfare should be given out to any single mother within easy reach, by law and enforcement. To me, comcare is just a hotline to call for encourage when you are depress. Have you try calling them? few survive with just words, but many depend on reaching out to them.

Comment by Ang Chen Ying

Appreciate if you can raise a petition to save Rebecca from death sentence.

Comment by Ang Chen Ying

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