Hey woman – letter to a suicidal friend (she made me share it)
July 30, 2013, 3:41 am
Filed under: By Rachel Zeng

(Wrote this for a friend recently. She just made me share this on my blog for the most bizarre reason but I think that she may perhaps be the only person who can laugh at this lame letter.)

Hey woman,

You’ve swallowed some tiny little pills last night and they are nasty nasty little things. I never like those things, not even for migraine. And how very unfortunate, when you knew that you could have just called me up and I would have arrived with two items that will certainly knock you unconscious for awhile – a carpenter’s hammer and one of Pantera’s album. Yet you didn’t but I don’t blame you because I found your wee brain in the washing machine, where you left it for a spin and had forgotten to put it back to where it should be.

You aren’t alone. Nobody ever tells the perfect truth in this world and I know that because I too, hear the same lies everyday. Life’s a tough journey. There are many people you will continue to meet, who will lie to you, hurt you and try to exhaust that flame of brilliance burning brightly within you. However you will also meet those who will genuinely care about you – friends, lovers and/ or partners. I have, and you are one wonderful testimony of someone who I can rely on as a friend although at certain times in our friendship, I am sure that we must have been close to tearing each others’ hair out.

Now, Louis Binstock puts it very aptly that “very often we are our own worst enemy as we foolishly build stumbling blocks on the path that leads to success and happiness”. I hope that you now realise that this is so very true. Human beings are really very bizarre. We hold on to the very moral codes that have been shoved down our throats, as much as we do not believe in them… well, almost all of us anyway, and almost too often. Perhaps it is time that we reflect upon the oppression that lies just beneath the surface of these so called moral codes, and try to free ourselves from the way we allow these codes to control of our lives (ok, not all are bad or should be flushed out but you know what I mean).

Look, you are a wonderful human being. Appreciate yourself even if he did not appreciate you enough. Appreciate him for who he was and let go… let go because it is not worth dying for… and because one can only truly belong to oneself, not another (applies to you too). Been down the similar path a few times (the only diff: no paperwork was ever involved for me), I know how it feels like, really I do. It makes you want to break that bloody brick wall with your head, but it isn’t the end of the world. Well, not yet… the zombies are still in the making.

I know you must be pretty mad at me for saying all of the above, muttering under your breathe that my head must be in the clouds. All I am saying is, take ownership of your life and make it good, not the way you chose to but… well we all gotta try to be here for ourselves and live this life with our heads held high. You know what I mean right?

Well you’d better. Life is short, live it well and let go of all the crap that may drag you down. It may be difficult but help is just a hotline away and you know the charges – one cuppa hot chocolate per 15 minute block with extra whipped cream please.

Get well, bounce back soon. I believe in you.



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The reason is not bizarre. She wants to share it because there are others out there who may need it. That’s generous compassion.

Comment by sbksim

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