In solidarity with Alex Au
November 28, 2013, 1:21 am
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solidarity with alex



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Sorry for my ignorance but could I know what this is all about? I have not kept up with events and have ceased reading, listening, or watching any form of state-governed news reports for a couple of years now.

Thank you.

Comment by iamahumanbeingtoo

“I believe the changes in local criminal law have made things advantageous to the prosecution. Though there is a ‘presumption of innocence’ according to our Constitution, the man in the street cannot be blamed if he thinks that he has to prove his innocence ion court. The law is lopsided. So many aspects of the criminal law are loaded against the accused. The Constitution says one thing but in practice, it’s different. The courts must also be blamed for this sad state of affairs. They rarely interpret the law in favour of the accused, though I feel things are slow changing.
“One day we may still have justice in the true sense of the word. Just must be compassionate and it must be fair. It must endeavour to seek out the truth. It must balance the rights of the accused and the protection of society.” So wrote Criminal Defense lawyer Subhas Anandan in The Best I Could, published by Marshall Cavendish 2009 which I reprinted in my book Once a Jolly Hangman: Singapore Justice in the Dock, to prove a point.
I have scanned Supreme Court archives to see if Mr Anandan was prosecuted by the AGC for making these very serious allegations which must in the eyes of the PAP dictatorship scandalise the judiciary. Strange to say I couldn’t find any such record.

Alex Au – don’t let them cower you into submission! Easy for me to say that but if more Singaporeans stood up to be counted real change will happen. So what are you waiting for? Come out and support local hero Alex Au.

Comment by Alan Shadrake

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