No abandoned migrant workers in Singapore?
March 19, 2014, 11:55 pm
Filed under: By Rachel Zeng, Singapore

COIMr Kevin Teoh, MOM’s divisional director for Foreign Manpower Management who represented the ministry at the Commission of Inquiry claimed that he was “surprised that he (Mr Russell Heng from TWC2) made the assertion” that destitution exists among low-waged migrant workers in Singapore.

Okay. He should step out of the comfort of his white-collar office, and check out the shelter at Cuff Road for a start.

Oh wait, Minister Tan Chuan Jin conducted a fact-finding visit to TWC2’s soup kitchen and Cuff Road Project in 2011. He also met with the executive committee of the NGO to talk about the issues faced by low waged migrant workers (see report here). Since it was a fact-finding visit, one would assume that being the ministry’s divisional director for Foreign Manpower Management, Mr Teoh must be aware about the issues discussed during the meeting but it seems that he does not.

So what, is it due to the lack of communications within the ministry, or is he sleeping on the job?

Or is this simply a case of a civil servant who is in denial of the issues faced by low waged migrant workers, including delayed salaries and accommodation issues?

Well whatever the reasons are, I must say that I am shocked that he was surprised by Mr Heng’s “assertions” that destitution exists among our low waged migrant workers here.


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Rachel, don’t you understand? You are living in the Lyin’ City. They cant help it – or don’t want to help it hoping that if they deny anything embarrassing long enough everyone will believe them.

Comment by Alan The Terrible

Comment by Alan Shadrake

Some great articles but having left Singapore some 30 years ago it is hard to know what some of the acronyms used stand for in today’s Singapore. What is TWC2? I guess MOM is Ministry of Manpower.

Comment by James Connor

Too many directors these days are hold up in their office. Comfortable or not, ape is not sure. They could be very busy receiving emails starting with ‘Please follow up! ‘ and forwarding emails starting with ‘Please follow up! ‘ to the next person down the line.
When it comes to senior management meetings, they’ll be swamped with presentations after presentations that read ‘target met’ or ‘new initiatives’… all the good news and justifications for more funds to further the ‘good initiatives’.
The poor chaps on the ground who see the areas that really need improvement didn’t even get past their middle management because they (the lowest rung in the corporate ladder) couldn’t come up with solutions aka ‘new initiatives’ to solve the problems.

Gone were the days when a minister started his meeting with ‘Tell me the problems! ‘

Comment by ape@kinjioleaf

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